Wednesday, December 2, 2009

*Washington D.C. Probate Mafia

Learn How to Steal Estates From Children. Step by Step Guide With Actual Examples....

Children who have survived the passing of one or more parents, are especially vulnerable to stress, loneliness, and guilt. Imagine never having any kind of closure - and having to relive the pain of loosing your parent finding out 20 years later everything was stolen. Imagine trying to seek justice for your lost parent - only to be mocked and ridiculed - and having the head of the D.C. Probate Court award all again with every court date, letter, discovery, and realization that justice is denied no matter how hard you try.
This website and personal story of probate theft is one of just thousand of pages and stories already out there. The court systems of America and legal instruments such as wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney are increasingly being used to loot assets of the dead and disabled/incapacitated. Elder Abuse, and guardian abuse is very common in probate courts around the nation- and there are many bogs and articles about this subject. The Washington Times even did an investigation on it. Our case is important to expose because it involves a unique kind of Probate theft. Stealing estates from children.

Wahington Probate Mafia Website=>>here

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