Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comments From Readers "It feels like an endless battle."

"Likely nothing without people like us kicking and screaming all the way.
Sara lives a few hours from me and we have become dear friends thru this all. She has made a lot of noise. She is one tough chick and Chemung Counties worse publicity campaign.My case was recently dismissed in PA with the court telling me to take my fight to Florida. It feels like an endless battle.

Thank you for all you continue to do for the cause."

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Hi Holly, when you are told to take your complaint to Florida, and in turn Florida will tell you to take it to re-open the case in Chermoung Co.

Some of us that have been through the mill are very familiar with these shenigans, when my mother Clara Fernandez was kidnapped in Monroe County Florida we were told that the case had to be reported in the locality she was found, after a grueling 10 hours drive through hurricane weather with my 88 years old father in tow because he could not understand why his wife of 56 years was taken , we were sent back home after sleeping in the car, (there were no hotel rooms,due to 4 hurricanes through Fl in the summer of 2005) after 20 hours in the car with a 88 year old grieving husband, (worried about his wife) the Sheriff's Dept told us it was a family matter ( a sibling that was left out of the will due to emotional instability kidnapped Clara Fernandez and drugged her, (Ample Evidence,available) then he re did the Will,POA's and transferred all liquid assets to him and his (alternate lifestyle) partner William B. Hart of Winter Park ,Florida.

To make a very long story shorter, the Sheriff said they could not help us and sent us to the State Attorneys' office, they in turn call it a civil matter and passed us on like a hot potato to the DCF, who initiated 7 back to back investigations, without ever doing anything other than hinder,obstruct and obscure the legal efforts underway to save my mother. *

The case was moved from Clara's place of residence, since the elder sibling had Clara execute a Quit Claim Deed the attorney for the counterpart could now claim that Clara did not owe any property in the county she resided and the venue was moved, time and time again at a very juicy profit for the courts and all the officers at the attorneys's feeding trough until a three million dollar equity ,result of multigenerational effort of sweat and tears was wiped out including the hopes of putting our children, (their grandchildren though college) went up with frivolous and padded multi layers legal bills by an army of attorneys all appointed by different parties, but paid for from the estate.

Clara went through 4 (four) different judges and again to condense in an effort to throw us off, Clara was dragged through four different counties leading one judge
to quote his own words, Clara being "On a string pulled from one county to another" Judge Von Hoff August 31, 2005 (click on document to view)

Holly after having being ridiculed, reputation and business ruined by unproven allegations and DCF complaints being used against us for the sole reason of Harassing, embarrassing, or harming another the victims, for personal financial gain for the reporting person for the reason of acquiring custody of a vulnerable adult and to gain personal benefit for the reporting person in the dispute involving a vulnerable adult.

Holly please realize that the worst stories, stories like that of Dr. A.J. Fernandez were not included the GAO report because families like mine do not wish to re live those moments that killed my father because of the stress of the situation and nearly destroyed the rest of us.

So we are quite familiar with the shenigans of the probate court to change the jurisdiction in order to keep victims off balance and un able to foot the legal bills for multiple jurisdictions, but because we are not children and do not lend ourselves to being called a 'Ping Pong Balls" ,our assets ransacked, being ridiculed in back room deals between attorneys and judges, we have decided to leave the country instead and opt out of the US legal system ....

"When appeasement of a corrupt court system in order to gain security and freedom, you lose both"

Ray Fernandez

*For the sake of being fair there were many hard working DCF workers who were fair and wanted to do a good job and protect the elderly but their hands were tied, like the time when a psychologist that interviewed Clara Fernandez thought that she was being financially abused by the Guardian attorney and filed a complaint with the DCF , upon being investigated he made it clear to the DCF investigator that if she persisted in her investigation of him (the attorney/guardian) she would not fare well.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ray for your input, I do truely value your thoughts and experiences. I have taken a few days away from this to re-coop but am back on it. I want my mother returned to PA. She had/has NO property in FL., NO debt in FL., had been determined by psychaitrist incapaciated 11/06 in PA, was a domiciliary of PA, all family and friends in PA except one son (who created this mess) who does not go visit, etc. I am going to file in Volusia County Court a motion or petition (I don't know the difference) requesting they "Relinquish Jurisdiction. Mom will be a charge to the stae of FL very soon having about 100,000 left. Oh what a mess so needlessly, and tragic... mom's life has been stolen from her.