Sunday, January 16, 2011

At The Crossroads Once More! What Will You Do?

The year was 1959 and Fidel Castro said " I am not communist" never the less many saw the writing on the wall and gathered whatever they could, and left the country.
Many Cubans such as my father Dr. A.J. Fernandez M.D. prospered in the new land and built a sizeable estate to benefit future Fernandez's generations until the State Sanctioned white collar looters took it all away......Never the less Dr. Fernandez and his wife Clara Fernandez enjoyed many years of prosperity until they got old and became easy prey with No one willing to help or protect them but rather pile on the piƱata, and grab all they could in their drunken greed stupor to get it all before someone else does......

Others Cubans who viewed my father's comments as alarmist and chose to stay in Cuba are not so lucky today and are dying in Cuban prisons as political prisoners forgotten by all but a few.... Babalu.Com

Again the year was 1939 and many saw the writing the wall and many Jews left Germany and went on to build prosperous lives in Brazil,Argentina, Israel,America and countless other places.... many dismissed this warnings as alarmists and stayed behind in Germany, these did not do so well....

Again history places us at a crossroads in our destiny and the writing is on the wall, the war on the elderly has been declared, with no punches pulled as the number of elderly under guardianship languishing in human warehouses is kept secret, the number of property confiscations are on the rise, the loss/lack of human rights for an entire segment of the population is astonishing......

Will you be the one who waits until you are too old to water your lawn and be hauled off kicking and screaming to a nursing home, of if you live in the northern climate will you wait until you are unable to come out after every storm to shovel snow off the sidewalks and likewise be declared 'incapacitated' in a closed non parte hearing in which you or your loved ones have NO say and have all your property confiscated, your social security income diverted to pay for guardian fees, and your property sold to satisfy legal fees for the cost of having you declared incompetent?

Will you be one of the ones who sees the writing on the wall in time or will you be one of the ones dragged off kicking and screaming into the nursing facility?

If you think you are immune and this only happens to other people, think again! The year was 2000 , the place was New York City

The Honorable Judge John L. Phillips, known to all as the Kung-Fu Judge. Upon learning of his candidacy in 2001, Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes filed an ex-parte (secret action) to seal up all of Judge Phillips' assets. Twelve apartment buildings and two movie Theatres were part of the millionaire judges' empire. The Court then appointed Hynes former Chief of Staff, Harvey Greenberg, as Judge Phillips' "Guardian."

The transcript of the probate court proceeding is chilling. Anyone can file a motion to declare a person incompetent. The county government, ithen steps in to appoint a guardian.What happens after that is best exemplied in Judge Phiilips's case.
Sometime between November and December of 2000, Greenberg was appointed "temporary guardian" of the "mentally incapacitated" Phillips.
The following winter, Phillips' heat was cut off, and neighbors found him living in squalor and poor health, wearing an overcoat and hat. As one acquaintance of Phillips' put it, "They wanted him to die."

All of Judge Phillips' properties were sold for pennies-on-the-dollar. Then the judges' home mysteriously burned to the ground, obfuscating any records he had been keeping. The guardians neglected to pay the insurance. Six years later, the once museum-like four story brownstone at 155 Herkimer Street still sits in the heart of Bed-Stuy as a boarded up shell. A monument to the tragic end of the Kung-Fu Judge.

Now, the undisputed facts, according to the IRS, are that between the years of 2000 and 2007, four separate guardians sold $10 million dollars of Judge Phillips' property and failed to pay or file any taxes. The undisputed facts of the case: Judge John L. Phillips, died homeless and broke. He owned 12 apartment buildings and 2 movie theatres.

Blog sites such as ElderAbuseHelp.Org, EstateOfDenial.Com and others are gathering evidence that this is not an isolated incident but a rapidly spreading racket that threatens every elderly citizen who manages to retire with any monies saved up for their old age...In fact this practice is become the norm more than the exception in a single day the same judge that declared Phillip's incapacitated , Judge Pesce handed 17 guardianships in a single day to a 38-year-old attorney named Dagmar Plaza! In 0ne single day!

If this can happen to a sitting Judge, you think it won't happen to you? Or are you feeding the sharks hoping they eat you last?

Will you be like Silvia Bush who at 78 years old, you can’t get up fast enough Your house is broken into; you are pulled off your chair as you are cleaning you coffee pot peacefully at your own kitchen table.· You are grabbed by your shoulder pulled off your chair onto the linoleum of your kitchen, hurting your shoulder.· On the floor, you are handcuffed.· Taken out of your house.· Loaded into an ambulance.· In the ambulance, your are forcibly constrained , taken to St. Anthony’s psychiatric, ward with no attempt to contact your family

You have time to make a call and leave a message asking for your son on Frank Sampson’s answering machine while they are breaking in. This tape recording is proof you are not delusional, gravely disabled, or a danger to yourself or others.

Reporters such as Maria Bartiromo who initiated a series on this racket had soon to change networks and report on financial matters instead, another Investigative Journalist whose family legacy has also been wiped out in the probate racket named Janet Phelan who initiated a series of articles titled "The Probate Murders" has been subject to un relenting and vile personal attacks being forced to leave the country in order to continue her investigations. This writer when writing about the atrocities committed against our elders became a target for retribution, and after spending the family legacy in legal fees, opted to leave the country in order to continue to speak against elder abuse in the hope that others will open their eyes before it's too late and take concrete actions to protect themselves and their families.

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