Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Clara G. Fernandez - Three Months After her Abduction.

-Clara on November 17Th 2004, almost three months after she was abducted from her home in Key West and after her near fatal fall.

Before her abduction, Clara lived happily in her well equipped home designed to meet her handicap needs. She was being lovingly cared for and enjoyed nutritious meals according to her special dietary needs and was under 24 hour supervision.

After being abducted, Clara was left alone in a motel room while her handlers left her heavily sedated. Clara, left to her own devise, decided to take a shower without assistance. Clara fell in the bathroom and hit her head on the porcelain tub. She was found later by her handlers and was taken to the E.R. in Key West. Her injuries were so critical that she then had to be air-lifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Trauma Center in Miami, Florida to undergo emergency neurosurgery.

The result of that fall indeed rendered her "totally incapacitated".

Again, another 'CASE OF NEGLECT' involving the elderly.

Here in writing, a statement from Al Fernandez Jr. as he tells how he left Clara G. Fernandez, an 87 year old elder suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's, alone in a hotel room unsupervised.

("Clara was prone to falls and never should have been removed from her handicapped equipped home where her legal caregivers had her under 24 hour supervision and gentle care.")

In this statement, another witness describes how Clara was left alone with a warning, "You are not allowed to take a shower when you are alone."
She was left alone to fend for herself, heavily sedated, and with a serious head injury, posibly laying on the floor for hours before being found on the hotel bathroom floor.
The court questions as to whether she was 'under the influence' and the question is dodged.
According to the statement given in the E.R. of the hospital, the answer was obviously "yes", she was.

The Manufacturer of Ambien warns against sedating an 'older person unsupervised'
and warns about using 'multiple sedatives'.

Here the question of whether she was 'under the influence' or 'sedated' is put to rest when asked by emergency personnel.
-"Her {Quote -'sons'}, William Hart and Al Jr. admit to giving her 10 mg of Ambien and Activan just before the fall."
(This is most definitely considered 'overdosing' for people her age amongst most medical and psychiatric circles familiar with 'geriatric care' and 'elder abuse'.)

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