Saturday, April 21, 2007

Open Letter to the Chinese People - 公开信中向中国人民

Since our Inception in November 2006 with the aim of raising awareness towards Elder Abuse , our web site has had a number of Chinese Readers.

The Chinese culture is very family oriented and although Elder Abuse is not quite an Epidemic in your country as it is in ours, you continue to follow Clara's and Dr. A.J. Fernandez story of Elder Abuse closely.

We have about as many Chinese readers, as readers from Key West ,Florida the town where Clara and Dr.Fernandez gave the best 20 years of their life in dedicated public service.

Dr. Fernandez in his contribution for Cancer Research, contributions to the AMA, the local law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Navy and Clara in her volunteer efforts as a hospital axillary(pink ladies) and efforts to raise money through the Garden Club, Beta Sigma Phi Catholic Daughters and others.

I am proud to announce that starting today Elder Abuse website will be available in Chinese, both Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as Russian,French,Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, and Japanese.

This thanks to good old American technology and the freedom that has been earned by our forefathers by blood and tears. We hope that you will continue to spread the word that Abuse is not acceptable in any language and will continue to benefit from the articles published here.

Thank You



Anonymous said...

Elder abuse should NOT be tolerated in any language or race. Italians have close family ties as are the Chinese. Sad to say a case published on the net recently detailed a case in Australia. Worth a look :

Anonymous said...

I agree! No Elder, Minor or defenceless animal should ever be abused or exploited!

Thank you Ray for keeping your readers posted all around the globe!!

Keep up the good work!