Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Elder Abuse Awareness Month - Chas Gayheart Reports in Hazard ,Kentucky.

Elder abuse awareness month is quickly approaching and there are several ways you can become more involved and educated.

Senior citizens are thankful to have a safe place to meet everyday and friends to share their time with. But other elders throughout eastern Kentucky and the country are dealing with a growing problem.

Elder abuse is something that affects us all," says Stacie Noble of KRADD. "It can affect your parents it can affect your grandparents and create awareness in the community on who to report to what the physical signs are."

There are several ways noble says elders are abused. Some are physically abused while others are taken advantage of through financial scams.

.....members of the Kentucky river council against maltreatment of elders say it's important to make yourself aware of uniforms worn by police and other legitimate groups so you don't let anyone into your home that doesn't belong there. One thing everyone should do is report possible elder abuse to authorities.

She also asks you to report elder abuse and you can remain anonymous.

For more information about the Kentucky River Council Against Maltreatment of Elders you can call 436-3158.

Hazard , Kentucky what a beautiful town nestled in the Appalachians Mountains where I used to take my German Shepperd out to climb the explore the hills, abandoned mines, creeks, and the many arrowheads I found on the river beds, was a very fond memory I have of growing in that house perched on Broadway Av. a winding road away from town, just short of an overpass, what a beautiful city, I think of you, when I was growing up in my early teens, while my dad Dr. A.J. Fernandez practiced medicine in Hazard General Hospital, before migrating to Florida.

Congratulations Hazard, Ky by taking a strong stand against Elder Financial Abuse,Exploitation and other kinds of elder abuse.

In Memory of Dr. Fernandez and Hazard Kentucky. Please watch the Video on Youtube

" I'd Love You All Over Again" which was made after his wife was recovered on a early morning raid by the police and brought back to A.J. Fernandez. Dr. Fernandez died a short time after being re united with his wife.


Anonymous said...

I lost my dad to deadly version of sweetheart scam - abuse, neglect, financial exploitation. No justice. LE & others view eldery as low priority. Been at this 7 years. Need help with group?? Just ask. Used to host several before leaving C2. I'm back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,
I wanted to write you and thank you for the very touching video of your parents. My wife's grandmother was also abused by one of her family members. Take care, Lee