Friday, January 18, 2008

Every Day in the United States, Hundreds of Elderly People are Preyed Upon by Financial Predators.

By Shirley A. Cox Vintage Visions

A cursory review of headlines across the nation reveals the extent of the problem: "Suspect Arrested, Accused of Forging Elderly's Check,” "Man Charged with Exploiting Elderly Couple,” "Brothers Admit Stealing from Grandpa,” "Women Bilk Aunt, 94, Of $1.3 Million” and so on.

These are real headlines taken from the National Center on Elder Abuse Newsfeed. Every day in the United States, hundreds of elderly people are preyed upon by financial predators. Many situations involve family members or friends relying on the senior's trust and confidence.

The cases may involve a caretaker who coerces a vulnerable adult to sign papers transferring property or a niece who gains access to bank accounts through a power of attorney and then proceeds to write checks for thousands of dollars for furniture, clothes, trips or other items for herself.

Shirley A. Cox is legal services developer for the state Department of Human Services. Contact her by calling 522-3069 or e-mail to


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