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Special Edition - Dr .A.J. Fernandez - November 28Th,1917 to January 9Th, 2006.

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Dr. A. J. Fernandez -

A warrior in every sense of the word.

You left your native Island of Cuba when your freedom was threatened.

You did not think of your own security but risked everything just so that your family could live in freedom.

You gave so much of yourself to your adopted country and you were more than a team player.

Regretfully, the same system that you worked with in order to seek "Justice For All",..would abandon you in your twilight years.

But you held out against all hope and you were let down on the home stretch as justice for you and your wife was all that you asked in return for your years of dedicated service and yet you would die for your country if you had to, this we all know.

Your sense of responsibility would not let you take vacations or leaves as you were on call 24/7 . You were always there for your Country, the Police Department, the Sheriffs Office, the State Attorney, the U.S. Navy, and any one who needed your forensic services, you were always on call.

Your betrayal was bittersweet as you did not complainn, you dealt with it like a true warrior.

May it never be forgetten, how after the hurricane of 2004 blew your roof off , you held up and endured the shambles of your home being exposed to the open air and the pouring rain.

In addition to the rain and hurricanes, your wife was taken from you and her abductors wanted you out of your house so that they could sell it.

But you said; "No!"

Your Bank account was overdrawn and taken over. The electric was cut off, but yet you held your ground. This embargo swung on full force, and your flow of medications was cut off, yet you held steadfast.

The API investigators came and they tried every which way to remove you, but you said; "NO" and you would not cower and be driven from your home. You refused to be not removed from your home no matter how much better off it was said that you would be someplace else, you just didn't buy it!

Even after the medications were interupted, and your utilities could not paid, you still had hope!

You held out!

All you wanted was to see your wife alive and safe just one more time.

Attorney Adrian P.Thomas did not take "NO" for an answer either and you got your wish and had your wife returned to you.

We pray you died in peace.

Dr. Fernandez you were indeed an inspiration to all of us and to the world!



As the only Pathologist in Monroe County and as the County Medical Examiner , you are an extremely busy man. In spite of this you have graciously given assistance to the Naval Hospital in Key West, for the past four years.

You have attended monthly Tissue and Tranfussion Committee meettings; you have participated in the Quarterly Tumor Board and Mortality Conference; you have prepared and presented three to four Clinico-Pathological Conferences each year; and you have served as pathological consultant whenever we have needed your assistance.

Most of this you have done without pay as a service to the Navy and to your Country.
As Commanding officer of the Naval Hospital Key West, I express my and our Naval Hospitals Staff's deep appreciation for the outstanding assistance you have given us.

Thank you very much.

Peter F Wells
Commanding 0fficer

19 May 1978

Dr. Fernandez I dedicate this Web Site to you: In Memory of Our Ancestors

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