Monday, January 28, 2008

Letters to Editor -From Attorneys-

I am disappointed, Ray. We all know that there are abuses out there. This website has been documenting them for some time now.

Like everything, there are good honest people and there are people willing to cut corners or look the other way (or just be plain mean rotten.)

As a good guardian and a decent lawyer, I sleep fine at night.
Dear Counselor;

Thank You for writing in to E.A. Please do not take any of the stories that I publish personal.

Not all Muslims are terrorists yet all it takes one (1) Muslim to blow up 100 people to give Muslims a black eye.

Since my mother was abused these are some of the attorneys that have been retained either directly or in-directly to help her return home and find out what happened to her assets:

Some did the best they were allowed to do under the circumstances and treated us fairly others worked or were retained by the others who used the abused victim's own money to go against her, and yet others I don't know.

Yet some like Mr. Thomas , Mr. Lewis, Mr. Nunn , Mr. Davila , or Highsmith are real heroes in my eyes because they are not in it for the money.

Never the less twenty-one (21) attorneys $200,000 and four Judges later, there has to be a time to say enough! Especially when the victim , who was once a proud ,independent and wealthy elder is now close to being indigent.
The reason I keep publishing these abuse stories is in the hope that sooner of later a politician with gumption will agree that no elder abuse victim should have to go through this and will put a stop to this madness and laws will be enacted to protect other families from having to go through the nightmare and total destruction that my family and that of the many friends and acquaintances that I have made through the website has had to go through!

We are one of the lucky ones! but oftentimes a victim may not be able to pay for a lawyer's services because the victim has never had much money or because the victim's life savings were lost as a result of the exploitation that would be the subject of the lawsuit.

The slow pace and customary delays of the legal process are particularly onerous to older persons in general and to those who have been abused in particular.

Folks there just has to be a better way to deal with Elder and Elder Financial Abuse, We need to find it and we need to find it now!

See: The Role of Courts in Elder Abuse Cases

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