Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Corrupt Florida Judiciary Makes International Headlines

Tallahassee, Florida, First District Court of Appeals by Gary Slapper

Guns, sex, corruption: a hearing in the US exposes a raft of jaw-dropping tales of judicial misbehaviour

RAs Lord Atkin said in 1936, “Justice is not a cloistered virtue”. It can be strongly criticised provided its critics are “respectful”.

Respect, though, was not what Judge Brad Thomas got when he went to discuss a judgment with someone. “Get out of my f***ing office”, he was told, before being ejected. The outburst might have been less startling if the person shouting the abuse wasn’t Judge Charles J. Kahn Jr. of the 1st District Court of Appeal in Florida.

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Anonymous said...

charity is a state of the soul. what makes you think a nation of self centered criminals who have murdered over 40,000,000 persons since roe vs wade each requiring a mother who is supposed to protect her child and a doctor sworm to do none harm to murder for convenience. euthanasia is nexr and the elderly will be the first on the list. america has lost her way.