Monday, March 31, 2008

Letters to Editor- Help! My Life is Being Destroyed By Corrupt a Probate System

March 29, 2008

Hi Ray;

My Name is Arthur Manthorne. I E-mailed you a while back about my wife Terri’s and my fight against abuse and legal and illegal theft within the confines of the system. You might remember that I sent you an update about Terri being taken from me and my losing conservatorship of the person. After this process it was an inevitable loss of her life orchestrated by a system of hospitals, health care families, family, lawyers, and money seeking individuals to go after the estate.

I am now alone and entrenched in the long drawn-out probate fight under which information and activity comes in small spurts and mostly troubling news. I have had several lawyers over the last 10 years that have taken money from me (and crucial evidence), made promises, and ultimately disappeared with my money and case evidence. Many times I have asked for and accounting of what they are doing with my money and all have not delivered on this promise. I would imagine that you have heard this story many, many times from others in my situation. It seems as though this is happening in slow motion and I am watching my life fall apart even further since the devastating loss of my wife Terri.

I am writing you to ask in your experiences with this troubling topic of Elder Abuse and Estate Stealing, is there any advice or direction as to who could help with my situation since the system has done nothing to aide in my fight. I fear that in a few more months that I will be out of my home and penniless with my enormous collection of abuse reports and filings which have fallen on deaf ears by a system that ignores its elderly and their cries for help.

Arthur E. Manthorne


Dear Arthur;

I am very saddened by your letter.

I met with a rather large group of people this weekend that are experiencing what you are going through, and you are not alone !

Some of them expressed an interest in relocating out of the country and some, like the Tristani family, have already relocated .

The persecution to families that stand between the Probate courts and the victim's money is brutal, unrelenting and there is no one willing to stand up to the Judges, Attorneys, and Guardians of this multimillion dollar racket and profiteering scheme in which elders are separated from their families which enables them to get at their wealth that they have accumulated over the years.

In my interviews with families that have been victimized, I have found there are two ways to get out of a Conservatorship or Guardianship, one, is when the elder runs out of money, and two, is when they die.
Neither option is very encouraging.

Several families recently met with the FBI and with Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, and both the Congressman and the FBI said there was nothing that they could do about the situation.

We wish that the meetings would have been more encouraging.

In Costa Rica, as well as in the Dominican Republic, there is a large colony of expatriated Americans. Both cultures are very friendly as well as accomodating to Americans retirees. We know nothing will bring back your wife Terri or Dr. A. J. Fernandez, but perhaps you can prevent the system from taking what little you have left by expatriating and enjoy a few more good years living with respect and dignity, free from persecution.


Anonymous said...

in about two months, more like one month. from sister who had brain surgery in past few months.
In about that month, the same family got her to buy them:
5 new hybrid cars, one or two for each family member
paid hundreds of thousands of their credit card debt
for cash bought them 4 houses, all over 250,000 each , some more
paid for invetro surgery for one of them, about 40,000 or more
saw to it that one son was made power of attorney and executor
took over all financial information and checkbooks, accounts, etc
keep the person they are swindling away from other relatives

This is one family group, others are aware of just that much.
Parents, 3 grown sons, all of whom have houses, already had two cars each family.
God only knows what else, but expensive gifts galore.
Have convinced victim that they are :salt of the earth"
Victim is sister of the greedy person.
They are still taking.

I am 80 yrs old, also a sister, with little time left to live, from cancer. I am sick at heart.
The victim has really bad headaches.
The brain surgery involved 2 right lobe cysts, surgery was done, surgeons said
they got 70% of one tumor, only 50 percent of the other.
Surgeon will not talk to one family member.
Dont know where to go, for help. this is sickening.

Anonymous said...

A Congressman and the FBI said they could not do anything about this? I am assuming this means the letters that I am in the process of writing about the corruption here are going to yet again fall on deaf ears?
What's the point of the National Association of Elder Law and Attorneys then? Someone, please enlighten me of my ignorance.
Corruption is legal in the United States? Abuse and Neglect is okay as long as your not drowning your puppydog?
I do not have the mindset to comprehend the statements you heard made by the Congressman and the FBI. I would like to know this Congressman's name and the reasoning behind his comments?
Thank you..

Ray said...
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Ray said...
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Anonymous said...

The racketeering which goes on in this area of the courts is nothing short of reprehensible. These judges, attorneys, ct-appt guardians, are in a clear cut act of collusion which would probably qualify for RICO act prosecution.

Anonymous said...

We have learned all about the "collusion" and the"unholy alliance" that is following suit here in this corrupt county but just what do we do about it since the organizations that we have reported to are literally apart of this. I am starting to think, I will get more communication by calling HBO and having my story produced as a movie then to sit around and wait for the law to help us.
I have no idea what the RICO act is, but I will definately be researching this today. Thank you for posting this tidbit of information.
I see that Ray's post have been removed, I am wondering if I can ask why? Any and all information that we as citizens can get is vitally important.
Can someone please tell me why his comments were removed? Is there anyway I can find out what was said.