Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Teens Murder Elderly Woman for Petty Theft

San Bernardino, Calfornia US By PAUL LAROCCO

SAN BERNARDINO - Murder charges were filed Tuesday against two San Bernardino teens held in connection with the fatal beating of an 87-year-old woman in her mobile home.

Del' Andrae was in a coma for nearly three weeks after being struck repeatedly on the head with hammers. The one-time countess had met Garcia's family through her church. The father sent the boy to pull weeds in her vegetable garden a few weeks before the attack, her friends said.

"It's just a hideous crime," San Bernardino police Lt. Scott Paterson said Tuesday, echoing previous comments from prosecutors and Del' Andrae's friends. "She was trying to help them out."

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This crime shocks the conscience of any normal human being , and we also hope that this case moves through properly and efficiently, and that the perpetrators are held accountable for all the charges, we do not think that they should get suspended sentences just because the victim was 87 years old and was going to die anyways!

"For people to make an idol out of unbridled capitalism is the height of madness, but this is what has happened in the last generation." by Richard Cook.

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