Monday, July 28, 2008

“Deadly” Collateral Damage

published by Estate Of Denial.Com

Here’s something to think about from our friend Willy Roberts in California. So much collateral damage results to those close to an Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) target with this story well making that point.

Finally, the “cause of death!” It only took 6 months! Kaye Kornmayer died January third of this year due to lung failure! She was 80 and the mother of Karla, my fiance.

But here is what really happened……….. I was there as was Maggie and Rachel and a CNA we had hired.

Kaye was my Mother`s best friend! They played “Round Robin” bridge together. Yea, and they cheated! (I remember coming home from school and they would be huddled together, “If you are strong in “clubs” do this and if I have “hearts” I`ll do this…………………………”)

But my point is this:

Two days before Kaye died we had hired a CNA, Florence, from Feather River Health, as a “live-in” for Kaye. The following day, Florence, called an ambulance for Kaye because she was having problems breathing!

I was called as was Maggie Doues and Rachel Randal because we were on the Enloe medical alert, list.

When I got there this is what I saw and heard:

Kaye was screaming at the para-medics, “don`t you take me, I am fine! Do you know what happened to his mother when they took her……………………? I will never see my home, again!”

She, adamantly, refused needed medical attention for fear of ending up in a nursing home under a guardianship! After watching what happened to my Mom, under a guardianship, she, actually, refused to be treated!

And she died the next morning! Does this bother you? It sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

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