Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Picture This

(This is why more and more people, mainly the elderly, are refusing needed medical attention.)

You are 70+ years old. You live in a nice little apartment, by yourself. Your husband has died but your kids see you everyday. Your friends come by and you are happy! It`s OK!

Not glamorous but....... it is your Golden years. And a God given right to live out those years as you wish. You have worked hard all your life, saved money and earned this right - to live out your life as you wish! And you are happy!

But then you make that fatal mistake! You trip over a slipper or fall picking up your newspaper, or.......................

And then a doctor tells you that you should not live alone. And he files a report to the health department, APS, Social Services, Public Guardian , The Doctor is problably acting in your best interests he does not have any idea of what he has just incited!

In walks APS/Public Guardian! And they, complete strangers, decide what is "best" for you. And these strangers do this with complete disregard for your wishes or will! And these strangers have total control over your medical and financial affairs, backed by the court.

Their first objective is to malign and alienate family members, as they just "get in the way!" If your daughter or grandson complains, out of concern, for your well being you will probably not see much of them. Restraining orders will be filed and approved by the court!

(ignore them, it worked for me! And if it doesn`t, the newspaper will love a story like that) You are now at the mercy of total strangers!

And their main concern, of course, your money! They will ask for, and receive, complete control of your assets by the court. Your new "guardian" now has the power to hire lawyers, sell your stock, sell your property, pay themselves and, pretty much, do what ever they like with your money! And of course, under the auspices of "this is done to take care of the ward!" Yep, you are a ward of complete strangers! Strangers that make a very comfortable living from "taking care of you!"

Their next concern for your "care" will be to put you in the cheapest nursing home they can find. And this is, quite probably, where you will die....and most certainly before your time. And, as the pattern seems to fit, not long after strangers have spent most all of your money! Could that be a coincidence?

Remember that nice little apartment? You are now a non-person with, absolutely, no rights! And your family and friends cannot help you! And when you come to reach that awareness.............. boy, it must be a pretty crappy feeling!

Life is not long. Life is short! And every second should be treasured. The
end of life should not be this way. And for this end to be a way of life - and
death - for so many well, I don`t have words to express,........... just ANGER!

Remember that nice little apartment?

William Roberts

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