Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letters to Editor - Meet Doctor Vernon Sinn M.D.

From: Sharon Denney

This is Doctor Vernon Sinn. He is a physician whose specialty was internal medicine. He also practiced in the cardiology area. He was, in every way, a scholar.He also earned a law degree.

He used all of his degrees to help others. He never failed to lend a helping hand to those who needed it.

Six years ago, Dr. Sinn had a run of bad luck. He lost his mother and his wife in the same time frame. Shortly after dealing with those two losses, Dr. Sinn took sick himself. He developed a serious form of cancer and was hospitalized.

His doctors didn’t believe he could recover. But Dr. Sinn fooled them.His remarkable strength and courage gave him the will to recover. He discovered, however, that in his absence he had been robbed of everything he owned, of all that he had worked for, and all that permitted him to reminisce about his earlier life with his family, his mother, and his wife.

During his illness, in order to “protect” him and to pay his bills and handle his affairs, the court assigned a guardian. However, as Dr. Sinn soon found out, the guardian had not protected him. The guardian had looted his assets. Dr. Sinn had nothing left. His home and his mother’s house had been sold. His assets were sold or distributed to others. His savings were gone. The guardian, certain that Dr. Sinn would not survive his ordeal, had taken it all. That was six years ago. After a lifetime of hard work and giving to others, Dr. Sinn was taken for all that he had.

Thus began a legal odyssey that sent Dr. Sinn knocking on every official door in the state of Illinois asking for an accounting for his belongings, his and his family’s money, and their homes. To date, he has received no answers. His cherished belongings, including a valuable organ, are turning up all over the state in the hands of others. He has discovered conflicts of interest, double dealing, dirty dealing, and obvious theft. Despite those findings, the state of Illinois has steadfastly refused to investigate this situation.

Dr. Sinn deserves better, much better. No American should be the victim of officially sanctioned theft. Our tax dollars should never go to support a system that is thoroughly corrupt.

Dr. Vernon Sinn vernon-sinn@webtv.net

For More Info on State sanctioned elder abuse and exploitaion in Illinois go to =>>http://dupagecorruption.org/elderabuse.html and http://dupagecorruption.org/

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