Saturday, July 5, 2008

Manire Family: Thinking of You

by Estate of Denial.Com

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Manire family upon the death of J.P. Manire. It is notable that one attorney/guardian showed the family a degree of consideration during J.P.’s last days. This is no way, however, excuses Denton County, Texas, officials and their appointees’ intrusion into the lives of J.P. and Doris Manire - an intrusion that led to the Manires’ loss of basic liberty and all their property rights. Despite J.P.’s death, the harm caused will continue as J.P.’s children and grandchildren live with the consequences of this Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) act while a host of attorneys and other “guardians” enjoy the benefit of financial assets hijacked from the heirs of J.P. and Doris Manire. As unresolved matters exist with this case, our coverage will also continue.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This building was a key meeting place for our Founding Fathers as they worked to establish a governmental system palatable to all involved. This is where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. Being in a room full of so much history and recognizing the harsh conditions under which courageous men came together to express their convictions and to stand against a tyrannical government was a moving experience.

As we follow the growing number of IRA cases which violate the liberty and property rights of honest Americans, one has to recognize that self-serving government and its circle of allies (in many cases, attorneys or other “friends of the court”) are active today as they were in 1776 using positions of influence to enrich themselves by feeding upon the efforts of others. Perhaps it’s time that those of us with IRA experiences prepare our own updated version of the Declaration of Independence. Although the Declaration is dated July 4, 1776, it actually wasn’t signed until August 2 ( Maybe this August 2, we’ll make available a new document for distribution to the asset looters, property poachers and those who aid and abet their efforts.

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