Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guardianships Numbers Is The Best Kept Secret In America

How many guardianships are there in the United States? To date, we do not have an accurate assessment of the number of open adult guardianship and conservatorship cases.



Anonymous said...

We know exactly how many nuclear warheads we have, but can not disclose to the public how many elders are under guardianships?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,

How frequently do we encounter "fraud upon the court"? We'll never know.
One reason we'll never know is that complaints of such fraud are easily
omitted from the court reporting systems. I know this from personal
experience. Because our appellate courts review procedure, my own appeals
in Florida focused on the "fraud upon the court" which I describe online at However, the
court of appeals refused to even mention this, or any other allegation or
fact, in its decision, which states only that it denied my appeal "per
curiam affirmed". More information about this ruse is presented online at Such
ruses have prompted me to propose changes in the court reporting system like
the one described online at However, how
likely is it that such changes will ever be adopted a legal profession which
refuses to allow a simple protocol which could prevent its members from
taking advantage of us when in a coma or on a morphine drip under a Do Not
Resuscitate order, as I've proposed?!

What most Americans fail to appreciate is that the American revolution was
led by lawyers in America who sought to grab power for themselves. One such
lawyer was Patrick Henry. How many Americans know how wealthy Patrick Henry
became after the Revolution as governor of Virginia? How many Americans
know that the judge in Patrick Henry's first important case (the "Parson's
Cause") was his own father? (see, for example,
htm) America's legal system was created to fail.

Tom Fields