Sunday, June 20, 2010

House Comitte Judiciary Hearings On Elder Financial Abuse

Latifa Ring's May 25, 2010 Congressional testimony. You can view this testimony online at It begins 24:10 minutes into the video and runs for 8 minutes (until the 32:22 minute mark). Acquaintances would recommend you listen to the questions that follow her presentation, her comment beginning at 41:10, Mark Glasser's comments beginning at 42:35 (immediately following Latifa's comments), Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert's beginning at 44:50 (immediately following Mark's comments), Texas Congressman Ted Poe's comments beginning at 51:41 (immediately following Louie's comments), etc.

A transcript of Latifa's testimony can be downloaded from

HALT's issue brief (Appendix C of Latifa's testimony) can be downloaded as from This and other HALT materials on guardianships can be found on its website by entering "guardianship" in the search box on HALT's website.

Diane Armstrong is an active Elder Abuse advocate . You can find information about Diane and her book on the abuse of involuntary guardianships by Googling "Diane Armstrong" >> guardianship or visiting Diane's webpage at A transcript of Diane's 2003 testimony (and others) before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging can be downloaded as

from (This link works for me when I use IE7, but appears broken when I use Firefox. If you need me to, I can send you a copy of this transcript as an e-mail attachement.)

A sickening plethora of similar material exists. See, for example, all the material collected by the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse which is linked to Scroll down along the right edge of this webpage to near its bottom to find materials specific to your state.

Witnesses testified about enforcement of the Senior Financial Empowerment Act of 2009. They addressed issues pertaining to mail, telemarketing and Internet fraud targeting seniors.

I hope you find this material helpful.

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