Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Protection Racket – You Can Steal More With a Pen Than a Gun!

(I-Newswire) June 13, 2010 - Picture this - a knock on the door - the police are there to remove you; and you don't know why; you're not a criminal!By the time you find out why, you are no longer in control of your life, liberty or property; you can’t even hire a lawyer without money.

Not until after your assets are seized and secured by an unlawful court order which you knew nothing about, do you get notice telling you to come to court for a hearing.That’s what happened to NASGA member musician/songwriter Danny Tate in 2007 when the nightmare scenario described above came true when he found himself in the longest “temporary” conservatorship we’ve ever heard of, with no way out.

After an almost three-year battle, he was recently freed. Why? Because the money ran out and the lawyers will not work for free!So much for constitutional due process, civil rights, human rights, life, liberty and happiness! What happened to NASGA member Danny Tate can happen to anyone!

On this day of World Elder Abuse Awareness, NASGA presents the case of Danny Tate – an able-bodied man in his early 50’s, capable of speaking up and fighting back – who was, however, driven to the brink of bankruptcy by his court-appointed “protectors.” Many of the elderly don’t have Tate’s strength, voice, nor his connections in the music world – imagine how many are abused, their estates plundered, while they are forced to suffer in silence.

The protection program as presently operated across the states has now become "THE PROTECTION RACKET"! That's why NASGA asked Congress to intervene (even before we learned about Danny's story) in our "An Open Letter to Congress and the White House," available online.

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