Monday, October 11, 2010

Attention – Concerned Citizens of Montgomery County, Maryland

Calling all citizens concerned about human rights and justice in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Maryland. Ria Rochvarg and her cronies are at it again! This time, it is with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Aging and Disability Services and Peggy Odick, associate county attorney. Jeffrey Benjamin Shapiro is the 27 year old, autistic son of Daniel Noel Shapiro and Sandra Jean Shapiro. Jeffrey has three siblings, one a twin, all of whom care, very deeply, for their brother. Since March of this year, Jeffrey’s parents have, only, been able to visit him seven times, i.e. approximately, once a month. Daniel Shapiro informs me that his family has been restricted from communicating with the management at the group home, where Jeffrey resides, in Silver Spring. Furthermore, visitation with Jeffrey takes place at the offices of Montgomery County Health and Human Services through a glass window. The Shapiro family believes Jeffrey is being overmedicated, based on Jeffrey’s appearance, when they visit. Daniel and Sandra were Jeffrey’s appointed guardians, until the county stepped in, earlier this year, and took control. Jeffrey has, also, been challenged with epileptic seizures, which occur, rather, frequently. Daniel shared with me that, during one of these seizures, Jeffrey was, particularly, violent and was hitting him. Daniel attempted to restrain Jeffrey’s violence; however, his efforts were misinterpreted as violence against Jeffrey. As a result, criminal charges were filed against Daniel, the father. He was charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult by the custodian, reckless endangerment and second degree assault. Daniel insists these are false allegations and that he would never hurt his son. Common sense would dictate, unless one is familiar with the extent of the flailing that can take place, during a full on seizure, such an eyewitness can, hardly, be considered reliable to interpret efforts to help the victim; instead, as violence, as has taken place, against Daniel, the father. Yet, this is the foundation for Jeffrey being isolated from his family and severe restrictions, against the family, for visits. They want to see their son, more frequently, but, according to Daniel, those in the system make it, extremely, difficult, to do so.

From my own experience, with the Office on Aging, in Howard County, and with court appointed attorney, Ria Rochvarg, working against the best interest of my parents, false allegations and severe visitation restrictions are a familiar M.O.! It is from my own experience that I have learned to question the intentions and the monetary conflicts of interest of those in the system, with these, so-called, “guardianships”. It is from my own experience that I suspect that this is, yet, another fixed case with false allegations.

With this, I’m calling all concerned citizens of Montgomery County, Maryland. A three day hearing is set for 9:30 A.M., tomorrow, Tuesday, October 12, 2010 and continuing through Wednesday and Thursday, October 13th and 14th. Although it appears to be a guardianship “hearing” the court is referring to it as a “trial”. This, greatly, concerns me, as to the intent. Generally, Ria Rochvarg violates Maryland statutes and waives the rights of the elderly or disabled to have a jury hearing or to be present at their own hearing. Calling it a “trial”, instead of a “hearing”, while having a jury, gives the, distinct, impression of a “criminal” court, although this is, certainly, taking place in the Montgomery County Circuit court and not the District Court and is a guardianship “hearing”. If you are a concerned citizen and will attend these hearings, please locate the courtroom by the case number 72641FL (Guardianship hearing for Jeffrey Shapiro).

Maybe, just maybe, with enough eyewitnesses in the courtroom, the Shapiro family can have a fair hearing. Otherwise, I fear the outcome is, already, etched in stone. Ria Rochvarg has a history of intimidating family members, with threats, and colluding with the other players in the system, i.e. social services and “service” providers, against the family and against the best interest of the elderly or disabled person. Isolating an elderly or disabled person from their family is mentally and emotionally devastating, to both the disabled person and to their loving family members! These crimes against humanity and the racketeering scheme that is behind them MUST STOP! If you care about your own rights and freedom in Montgomery County, Maryland, please, attend the hearing/trial, this week at the Montgomery County Circuit Court, 50 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD.

Thank you and God bless!

Barbara Morris

Advocate and daughter of William and Ada Morris, falsely, imprisoned victims of the Howard County Office on Aging, Ria Rochvarg and the entire justice system in Maryland

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