Friday, October 1, 2010

A Message For Senior Society

Since no one will come out and say the truth, I have a message for senior society. You did good. You did too good. You were born in the depression-Post depression days. You served your country, worked hard, initiated Unions, bought homes, raised children, and saved your money.

That was the mistake that will cause your misery now.

Your children got caught up in an era spending money without working for it. Over extending themselves financially, not worrying about paying it back. Credit cards, no income check adjustable rate morgages, Junk bonds, Hedge funds, Ponzi schemes. What a mess.You kept your money in the bank, or real estate. That makes you fair game now, for your debt ridden bankrupt children.

Is this what the President means by redistributing the wealth? Put the old people in barracks and keep them numb while courts allow your life's work to be plundered. Well, take heart, it will bring them no good. They can't resist their gambling addiction, they'll be sure this is the right investment, or this times an adjustable rate will go down or some other nonsense. I'm real sorry for you, and and all of ours moms, you should be legally protected, but instead your are hung out to dry.

Mary Destefano

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Anonymous said...

Right on Mary you could not have said it any better!