Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Last Patrol

Few people are aware what our young men and women in uniform have to go through and the sacrifices they make to make sure that our liberties are not trampled upon as they often are by the same people who should know better!

In an un usual deviation from our subject matter this is a story of amazing courage and wits that is worth telling, please read it!

In September 2009, the second platoon of Charlie Company arrived in Afghanistan with 42 men. Ten months later, nearly half had been killed or wounded, mostly in the Arghandab Valley—a key to controlling southern Afghanistan. Now these 82nd Airborne troops were getting ready to leave the Arghandab behind. They had one more dangerous job to do: a joint mission with the untried artillery unit that would replace them patrolling the fields, orchards, and villages they called the Devil’s Playground.

Brian Mockenhaupt

Read this amazing story here =>> The Last Patrol

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