Friday, June 15, 2007

Help Us Celebrate 2nd World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD)

We ask everyone to consider how important Elder Day really is and please volunteer your time to go to a retirement home near you and bring small gift. You can get excellent perfumes at the Dollar store, bring an elder a gift, he won't care you only paid a dollar for it, he cares about the thought, and he/she will feel good about it and their eyes will light up when they see that someone cares.

Unfortunately in Key West too many people park their elders at the Key West Convalescent Center and forget about them, recent regulations require that an elders care plan be signed off by the elders proxy, otherwise the State levies a fine on the Home.

Now how in the world you going to get the elders family to sign off on a care plan if they can't be found? They only surface when an elder is hurt, and many times because they think that they can get money then by filing suit against the home, which in order to avoid a prolonged trial and ever ending legal fees then settles with you , we know about those kinds of scams too!

If you are in Key West come to the Key West Convalescent Center, on Friday 15 at 3 PM We will be there with many gifts that have been donated by people who care, and we will be giving them out , there will be food, refreshment and Karaoke.

Please do this on Friday, make it early from 2-3 PM on, that's is the best time, but contact a local retirement home near you and make sure that your efforts are coordinated.

Please make a showing on Friday 15 and show you care........................

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