Friday, June 8, 2007

The Reunion ! August 2005

Clara After her Rescue By West Palm Beach County Deputies After Monroe Counties Deputies failed to help her or Dr. Fernandez remain together

Clara sees her friends again 15 days after her rescue after being held Isolated and In- comunicado for 12 months!

Clara is Happy to be reunited with her husband after NOT being allowed to see him after 12 months, Dr. Fernandez Dies shortly after being reunited with her from the stress of the situation.
I was recently blasted for having allowed Dr. Fernandez to spend the $ 75,000.00 in legal fees to allow him to see his wife again before his death.
Dr. Fernandez told me and other lawyers that he really wanted to see his wife again before dying and if it cost everything he ever made as a ramson to be paid, that it would be worth it!

Mr. Counselor, Mr. Attorney for the Guardian, this is not your money and if Dr. Fernandez spent $75,000 in order to see his wife again, because of your flawed legal system and after seeing this VIDEO of them holding hands like teenagers after their reunion , and you think the money was mis spent then you have a heart of STONE!

And If I had to do it all over again and I had to spend every cent Dr. Fernandez had and every cent in my own IRA account just to see them together again, I would do it !

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