Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eldery Abuse Widespread, says Expert

Article First appeared in The Marlborough Express on June 11,2007

Abuse of elderly members of the Marlborough community is widespread, but many are hesitant to share their problems with the outside world, according to an expert on the subject.

Jim Davis, the elder abuse and neglect prevention coordinator for Age Concern Nelson hoped the seminar would raise awareness of a problem which was too often swept under the carpet, often by the abused victims themselves.

"They just put up with it - you just don't hang out the dirty washing in public, you keep it in the family. They try to work it out themselves."

Sadly, the abusers were often direct family, such as grown children, and the type of abuse varied to include emotional abuse and negligence.

"When money is involved it's amazing what happens," Mr Davis said.

Abuse of the elderly is widespread, he said, and he felt the cases he had dealt with were only the tip of the iceberg and raising awareness was critical to reach those who needed help.

Other types of abuse which cropped up were emotional abuse and negligence.

Comments by Ray Fernandez

Thank you we really need an expert to tell us that Elder Abuse is Wide spread and yes we know about the sweeping under the carpet, we at Elder Abuse are taking the carpet and airing it out, because it really stinks lately !

Unfortunately we were forced to air our cases (Dirty Laundry) in public because the authorities refuse to even acknowledge we have a problem and are working hard at attempting to say that the problem lies with the Victim, or in my case with the Victim Family because the Victim family believes is wrong to have to be forced to negotiate with the perpetrators for the stolen loot.

"Sadly, the abusers were often direct family." and even more sadly when this happens it's labeled a family matter! and family members responsible for the abuse get official immunity!

"When money is involved it's amazing what happens," Mr Davis said. Yes Mr. Davis is just amazing what happens when that happens, isn't it ?

"Tip of the Iceberg" We don't want to hear about Icebergs or elder abuse here in Florida Mr. Davis, and what is even more amazing is that most people never think they going to get old and just don't care!

"Other types of abuse which cropped up were emotional abuse and negligence."

Emotional Abuse, We at E.A. have never heard of any one charged with that in Florida , Have You ?

Negligence! Here we prefer to call them accidents!

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