Saturday, June 9, 2007

Three Arrested in Ritchie County on Elder Abuse Charges

Three family members arrested in two separate elder abuse cases.
HARRISVILLE -- The Ritchie County Sheriff's Department has arrested three people and charged them with elder abuse.Investigators said Daniel McCullough, 32 and his mother, Sheila mith committed battery against an elderly relative.
Deputies say McCullough's wife, Mary, 28, abused an elderly woman in a separate case.
The Ritchie County prosecutor's office says it received several calls about the abuse from people in the Smithville community, where the accused live.

The McCulloughs are being held in the North Central Regional Jail.
Sheila Smith is out of jail on $10,000 bond.
Congratulations, here in my neck of the woods when there are family members involved we don't call it abuse but a 'Family Squabble' or a Fight between Brothers' at any rate family members usually get inmunity from prosecution and and criminal prosecution by the case being called 'Civilly Matters." We have much work to do !

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GREAT site and articles! Many thanks!!!

Elder abuse comes in many forms including causing divisive family difficulties to steal their estate.

We have just brought up and would welcome your comments.

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