Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Key West Nursing Home - Gets Written Up!

After 30 years in Key West, I am pleased to have found another great resource that we are fortunate to have. When it was apparent that my 93-year-old mother was unable to return to her Miami home, my wife and I toured the Key West Convalescent Center. From our first contact there we were impressed by a professional and capable staff.

Now, after three months, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the convalescent center. Mom is very happy there and treated like the special person that she is. I am most impressed during my visits with the care provided for other residents as well. Throughout all the departments, from the director to the aides, there is an upbeat spirit of concern and professional caring for our dependent elderly. I have witnessed residents routinely being treated with patience, warmth and respect on a daily basis.

Having visited my mother in two other “good” facilities in Miami, I can attest that we are lucky to have a superior resource here in our hometown. I can also tell you that it is the people who work here who make a world of difference.

We’re lucky to have Convalescent Center!

Bill Goldner
Key West

AS published in the Key West Citizen on May 14, 2007

AS from my own experience, the care that is given the elders there is outstanding,
the management from the top down is a wide awake team that personally attend a number of residents as if their own!

Clara Fernandez benefited from the recuperation and the atmosphere of fellowship in the mess hall, all in all congratulations to management, and your follow up home nursing care is the best! Thanks to Charlotte Rn and Christy RN

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