Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where There is a Will !

by Elaine AbusiveGuardianship.Com

My Grandmother left us January 11, 2005. She left us quietly -- just slipping away. She was at home, safe and sound and surrounded by those who loved and cared for her. The emptiness of her room and in our hearts will never be filled.

The pain of losing her is greater than the pain endured the years we spent helpless to protect her from the Bank, the Lawyers, and the legal system preying upon her financially. The Predators are moving on to their next innocent, defenseless victim in the name of guardianship. God help that poor person, because the legal system probably won't.

We are now into probate negotiations. My Grandmother had two children: my Mother who gave up her life to take care of her Mother throughout her illness, and my Uncle who didn't give his Mother so much as an ounce of care or comfort when she needed him most, in fact spending his energy making it harder for my Mother and I and causing as much trouble as he could.

My Grandmother, prior to her stroke, wished to be fair to both of her children and she made her will out accordingly. Each child would share equally.

But her wishes, once again, were not to be.

So, now in probate, my Mother can fight for what is rightfully her inheritance --- and most of the money if not all of it will go to the Lawyers, or she can just give my Uncle what he so desperately wants. And if he wants more , does she give him that to save herself more legal fees? My Mother loses either way. Is that what my Grandmother wanted? Certainly not.


Thank You Elaine for giving us a healthy dose of reality, I used to be very naive and think like most people I spoken to do , that by spending thousands of dollars in Estate Planning and in Legal fees for writing Trusts,Testaments and Wills that the wishes of the Testator would be respected . Oh boy reality sets in , truth is possession is 9/10th of the law, and the predators and opportunists move as soon as they sense weakness, senility,disease and suffering.

Isn't it something how previously uninvolved relatives that here onto did not give an ounce of comfort, help and or support to the elderly victims when they most needed it now suddenly appear claiming their rights to an elder's affairs and possessions !

The part that I find most interesting (sic) is where the system then rewards bad behavior by pressuring you either to A) Mediate with the Perpetrator with assets that are not really yours to negotiate with or B) Spend whatever money in this case (your grandmother) intended to bequeath to her heirs in attorney and legal fees !

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