Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Families Worst Nightmare & Clara's Unspeakable Horror!

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Clara was improperly removed from her handicapped equipped home on August 20, 2004

Her care was farmed out to a a person that lived there with her because he did not have any transportation and spent all day alone with Clara while her alleged 'abductor' worked full time as a social worker for the state of Florida.

According to the social worker testimony he got along so well with Clara that he tucked her in at night and according to the testimony "he really focused in on her" line 20,21 of page 121

This while Clara was isolated , had been told her husband was dead, was not allowed any contact with her friends or family and her husband was dying of depression because of not being able to know about or see his wife of 58 years together.

Upon Clara's return after she was questioned by District Judge Richard Payne and clearly told the Judge that Key West is where she wanted to be , and after having gone on record as having told a number of Doctors , M.D's that she was taken against her will.

Clara's female caregiver noticed that Clara had a foul odor and discharge, and having hinted that strange things happened to her against her will , we immediately took her to the Gynecologist for examination.

The lab results and the call to bring Clara back confirmed our worst fears , and Clara was treated accordingly.
West Palm Beach County, which was one of the (5) places where Clara was being held incommunicado right up to the morning of August 5, 2005 when WPB County Sheriff extricated her and she was brought her home to Key West

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