Friday, June 29, 2007

Two Fresno Women Arrested for Elder Abuse

A home invasion case involving an elderly Fresno County woman turned out to be an inside job according to investigators. The victim's caregiver and another woman are in jail on Wednesday as a result.

The house located in rural Fresno County looks quiet and peaceful. However, one month ago, it was a different story.

Late in the evening on May 23rd, Fresno Sheriff's Deputies responded to a 911 home invasion call. When deputies arrived, they found a 77 year old woman and her care taker tied up. The two told deputies they had been robbed.

At the time, investigators believed two men had forced their way into the home and stole handguns, jewelry and cash. But, the Sheriff's Department says it didn't take investigators long to realize the caretaker's story didn't add up.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims says, "As it turns out, there were no males that broke into the house, the caregiver and her co-part were responsible. Investigators zeroed in on 23 year old caretaker Danielle Fraijo, and her friend, 24 year old Christina Clark, by tracking down receipts from a stolen credit card and through phone calls made right before the crime. They now face a long list of charges."

The victim's daughter, Pam Lehman, asked to not show her face, but says her mother can't believe it was Fraijo who put her through this ordeal.

Lehman says, "She trusted, has real trust issues right now. She treated her like a daughter, like she she just trusted her, it's been a hard thing...All this has been happening, so were gonna fence in stuff and we've had security guards every night."

Mims says, "It's the people that I, and these folks standing behind me, are sworn to protect that are really the most vulnerable. They have got to be able to trust people taking care of them."

Lehman says after the courts decide the fate of Fraijo and her accomplice, Fraijo will have to answer to a higher power.

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