Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Re: Swan Home Health Care- Correction-

Thanks to the reader that send in the tip on Swan Home Health Care.

We had been here to un able to locate this agency, we still find it hard to believe that a Home Care Agency would hire a person with no transportation to tuck in and sleep in with a elder patient , especialy one that is in isolation, and kept on the move but then again stranger things have been known to happen in the horrific case of Elder Abuse of Clara Fernandez and her husband Dr. Fernandez.

It is not up to us to investigate, we can only suffer the consequences of the acts of a few irresponsible individuals regardless of their methods or ideology, we have only seen the results which have been devastating for the elders of Dr.Fernandez and Clara and attempts to shift the blame will fail and ultimately the blame will go where it belongs as water tends to seek it's own level.

The ultimate truth is that we are all responsible for our actions, and if our actions cause injury, suffering, death to elderly persons then we must be held accountable.

There must be NO SACRED COWS when it comes to Elderly Abuse and if I err then let me err on the side of our elders.

We are not professional investigators , nor we pretend to be, and in our reporting there are bound to be errors,which we try to correct as soon as we become aware of them, but in the deafning silence and the refusal of authorities to provide answers as to why was the separation of AJ Fernandez and Clara condoned , in the full knowledge that separating two elders that have been together a long time can only bring disastrous consequences, we have to ask ourselves:

Is the financial gain to be obtained by the social worker , related or not a factor good enough reason to separate two elders without legal precedence ?

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