Monday, June 25, 2007

Nancy from Ontario writes:

I am in a situation where both my parents are 80+, live in Charlottetown and each of them had at least one stroke and are unable to care for themselves. I live in Ontario and feel helpless. The doctor advised they should be in a place where they can be taken care of . I asked my younger sister to find a place and let them live their remaining years in peace. She decided to allow them to stay in their home and she will look in on them daily.

They live in a two storey home are the doctors advised for them not to use stairs and they are constantly up and down the stairs. I now found out she has full access to their finances and so that explains to me why she suddenly stepped in and is taking care of them

Prior to that the only time my parents seen her was when she needed money. She now tells me she had Power of Attorney all taken care of and there is nothing I can do, because I told her I would have dad's bank records checked if the time came that I needed to.

My parents will be lucky to make it another year and I would like to see them taken care of in their final years not financially abused by one of their children.


Dear Nancy;

Consider your self lucky if your parents are only financially abused. In the case of my mother not only was she financially abused but she was left alone in a Hotel Room drugged and forced to fend for herself, she fell and as a result of the fall had a stroke and required emergency neurosurgery, she had been in a wheelchair ever since.

This is all too well documented here on E. A. , but the perpetrators desperate attempts to shift the blame has already cost this family untold suffering, and a fortune in court cost and legal fees with no signs of it letting up anytime soon.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for what you are about to go through , prepare yourself carefully of what is to come, and don't expect to get any sympathy from the authorities, friends or relative who will distance themselves from you at the first hint of a "Family Quarrel" or a "Sibling Rivalry."

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