Thursday, June 21, 2007

Clara's Summer Vacation

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog Is that time again, where Clara takes time out to go visit family, with the exception of the 2004-2005 when Clara suffered un speakable atrocities, and her family including her husband suffered , what no one should ever have to experience.

We are doing our best to regain some normalcy in our lives, in spite of it all , what we need now is some privacy, please respect what her and her family has had to endure and give us a chance at a normal summer and a respite from intrusions, investigations, mediations, arbitrations , negotiations, never ending hearings, etc.

Here are some pictures from last summer's vacation with Clara and her family, she enjoys very much traveling and visiting family, she needs some consistency and she needs to be around family this summer.

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