Friday, June 29, 2007


The term 'Elder Abuse' was not in my vocabulary until about 3 years ago. It was in a search for help for a friend who had been abused that I came across the term on the Internet.

Since then I have learnt a lot about the subject.

Elder abuse that leaves physical evidence e.g. sexual assaults, domestic violence and neglect in nursing homes etc.. is more easily recognized.

Those perpetrators who inflict emotional and psychological damage are more difficult to identify. There are no laws in place to handle such issues in Australia. My own experience has been that of :

"Don't waste your time. Get on with your life. We can't help. It's a family issue etc.."

What I found in approaching government agencies regarding the emotional and psychological abuse (plus a prevention of the victim from getting a decent place to live and to have proper access to his assets) was the unbelievable responses:

Is he incapacitated? He still have his faculties? Sorry, we can't help you.

He has assets? Go to his solicitors.

Son has the power of attorney? Apply to have that revoked. (just that the victim cannot do that as he wasn't the one who initiated the poa.)

I cannot help but recall the public views on child abuse all those years ago; where people tended to look the other way because it does not affect them and it was something that occurred within families.

I appeal to those who have access to the Internet to help publicize this important issue.

Together we can make law-makers, politicians and the public take notice.




Comments by blogmaster...

Andrew like myself had not heard of Elder Abuse until 3 years ago, and like Andrew I have become somewhat of an advocate for elders, so even thou a ocean separates us, we are united by a common desire, that is to see our elders live out their years with the dignity they deserve free of abuse and the vultures that prey on them.

Andrew's new blog is an attempt to get Australians fired up about the issue and to join him in publicizing about the silent crime; in order to make our law-makers and politicians aware. Even a helpline where people (victims or friends, relatives) can ring up for help.

Andrew the saying 'what comes around goes around' it's a universal law that some refer to as 'Karma' all those that refuse to help our elders because of it's a 'family matter' and they don't want to get their hands dirty, because they are above it all ! will someday face a similar challenge.

I admire you because you are doing the right thing, and somewhat familiar with the Frank Punito Story, I realize you are doing this because of indignation of the way our elders are treated and not because you have anything to gain, or as the Americans would say "You don't have a dog in this fight" other than your rightful indignation.

I ask all our E.A. readers to support Andrew and encourage him by visiting his brand new blog, and I encourage our readers wherever they might be to continue to volunteer and freely give your time to help and speak for the voiceless you will be paid in a currency whose value far exceeds that of money.

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