Monday, June 11, 2007

Open Letter to my Father : Dr. A.J. Fernandez

My Dearest Papito;

I saw you suffer after the woman you loved more than life itself was wrenched from your side under the cruelest of hoaxes.

I saw you sit on the edge of your seat looking at the front door for months, weeks, and hours on end, thinking that your Clara would come in walking through that door to be with you again at anytime !

I was with you and saw your disappointment at the parking lot of the Monroe County Sheriff Headquarters when you asked the Sheriff for help and all you got was a shoulder shrug and an officer said; "There's nothing I can do."

I was with you in the parking lot of the Winter Haven Police Headquarters when you handed over your passport and made your plea to see her.......oh my Papito.

I saw the twinkle in your eye as we drove 10 hours non stop in the blinding hurricane rain
because you were so happy we were taking you to see her.

I held you up when you passed out in the back seat after officer J.Davis #169 told you; "You better leave town ! "

I tried to cheer you up, because I knew without her, you had no reason to live and you were dying.

I took you to get steroids shots, to make you eat . You would not eat, because you missed her !

I took you to the hospital because I wanted you to live another day in the hope that you might see her again, no matter how much a ransom you had to pay in legal fees.

I was with you when you died, because the pain was too much to bear !

How could you leave us under so much pain? You should have left us peacefully as you had once said you would.

Now everyone wants to be 'OUR' guardian at $300 an hour...because they want the best for Clara.

Now everyone wants to be her guardian's attorney at $450 an hour...because they want the best for her.

Now everyone wants to investigate her finances at $300 per hour....because they are concerned.
Now the DCF has been here investigating me four (4) times and they won't leave me alone because they want the best for her... Where were they when you needed help from the DCF to find and liberate Clara from her Captors?

Where were they then? Where were they then !?

I never left you and they took their vengeance and yes it was cruel......

Where were they when Clara called for help ..before she was allegedly violated in such a vile manner by a homeless person that was entrusted in her care !

Where were they when Clara was being moved from County to County in order to keep her hidden from you ....
They were not there for you Papito, they were not there for your lovely wife Clara!

Where were their concerns when you sat in ankle deep water after the hurricane blew off your roof, and the 'Contractor' named Taylor,Ray,Willard Jr. of Taylor Roofing and Sheet Metal ,LLC P.O.Box 132 of Saint Augustine Florida ,32085-0132 of St Johns county whom you gave $7,000.00 ripped you off and never came back...... Where were they??

Where were their concerns in the summer of 2004 when I had back surgery and had to crawl out on my hands and knees to put up the Hurricanes Shutters , because nobody would offer to help?

Where were they ?

Where were then ?

I know you are with me because I can feel your presence....If I had to suffer all over again I would do it....

Thank you my Papito for sharing your suffering with me! It has made me a better person and I will always walk in your example.

These tears are your tears, and through them you will always live in my heart..

I love you ............always and forever!

Your son, Raul.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you Raul!

You have had such a cross to bear with the suffering of your parents, and yes, have become a much better person because of the evil hate of your brother and his so-called life partner.

You have endured these wicked episodes and you will win justice and victory in your parents name, will again make them proud that you were always "the better son"!!

And the better person you will always be compared to those who showed your parents no mercy!

They know who they are and what they did to Clara and A.J. and may they meet their maker and pay for their crimes against them!

May God have mercy on their souls,...for they have truely commited a crime against these elderly persons.

Ray said...

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, you don't know how much they mean to me.
God Bless!