Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TV Star Lends Voice to Elder Abuse Issue

Written by Tim Daly, Reporter

Doris Roberts is best known for her role as the mother on the hit show, "Everyone Loves Raymond." But she's perfectly happy with the role of spokesperson against elder abuse as well.

Roberts appeared Wednesday in Hughson in Stanislaus County to help fundraising efforts of the Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance.

"I have a big voice. People listen to me, because I'm a celebrity. That's what I do", said Roberts at the senior facility in Hughson.

Roberts shared statistics that 84 percent of elder abuse goes unreported, while the problem has increased 47 percent in just the last few years.


Anonymous said...

The State of New Mexico upholds the rights of the court appointed guardian to abuse the elderly by keeping all such proceedings in "Closed Hearings;" All Guardian Hearings should be open to the public so the public will know how the Courts violate the rights of the elderly. Court appointed guardians have their hands in the till and appear to be in league with the judges who appoint them. The only way to stop this legal abuse is to make ALL hearings open to the public. Even the media is afraid in the State of New Mexico to report anything about such "Closed" Guardian Hearings. They fear being sued. The governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, who is running for President of the United States needs to take a stand to OPEN all guardian hearings of the Elderly to the public. How many elderly are hushed by the judges, institutionalized, removed from their families, their finances taken from them, emotionally abused and even forbidden contact with their family because of these Closed Hearings. The truth needs to aired and reform needs to be Federal-wide.

Anonymous said...

The Baker Act, The Other Side. Financial Exploitation of the Elderly.


Are you aware of the Baker act and how it was put in place to help people who might be
Mentally Ill from causing harm to them selves and or others?

There is another side to the Baker Act. A person can use the Baker Act to have an
elderly person placed in the Psych ward of the Florida Hospital for observation, while
they steal their home and finances.

The events you are about to read are currently happening as of November 26th, 2007.

My Grandmother, Revelle Markert, a current resident of Sebring Florida

4225 Seawood Ave
Sebring, Florida 33875

She is 95 years old (Born 03-24-1912) and is currently being held and under observation for


Florida Hospital
1210 U.S. Highway North
Lake Placid, FL 33852

This has been already proven to not exist by a previous hospital. Revelle's daughter
Kathleen Lukasik and Kathleen's husband Dennis Lukasik had Revelle placed in the
hospital, prior to petitioning for the Baker Act. Revelle has been in this hospital for
over 72 hrs. She has been there since the night of Monday, November 26th.

From Revelle's statements to Deborah, she has been quizzed throughout the day and has
only been able to sleep for approximately 2-3 hours a day.

Revelle's Attorney, Michael J Trombley is doing everything he can to get her released
from this hospital, but the other attorney Clifford M. Ables III, are two weeks ahead of
Michael J Trombley.

Deborah left California on November 27 to spend time with Revelle Markert, due to her
problems with Diabetes and also to help with whatever might be going on with the issues
between Kathleen and Dennis Lukasik. Currently my sister Deborah MacCaslin and Neighbors
are guarding over Revelle's property until Revelle has been released from The
Florida Hospital.

Just prior to this, Kathleen and Dennis were abusing my grandmother. There are police
reports to substantiate my grandmother’s claims which are easily retrieved from the Highlands
County Sheriffs Office. Also reports are available for the stolen property from her home, such
as jewelry, cash ($1600.00), identification, Social Security cards. Kathleen and Dennis are
now going after her home in Sebring.

I had the understanding that you needed to petition for the Baker Act, and after a judge
reviewed the petition, a sheriff was sent out to serve the person who was suffering from
Mental Illness. Her daughter kidnapped her from the hospital where she was being treated
for a Diabetes medication problem. Then petitioned for her to be placed under the
Baker act.

I cannot believe there is a law in place that could allow a relative (Daughter) to have
an elderly woman placed in a hospital under the Baker Act, so she could get Power of Attorney
over her own mother, and then take everything she has.

What does my grandmother do after that.........?

Update : Deborah was forcibly removed from Revelle's home, against Revelle's
wishes, by Kathleen and Dennis.

Update : Kathleen now has Temporary Guardianship over my Grandmothers
health, medication and Property.

Update : Michael J Trombley Attorney at law for the Ederly has come up Sick
and can no longer take this case. December 03, 2007

Update : Deborah MacCaslin and I (David MacCaslin) have made a Report through the
Florida Abuse Registry as of December 03, 2007. The claim states the Physical
Abuse and Financial Exploitation of Revelle Markert By Kathleen,and Dennis Lukasik

How can something like this happen?..... of all places, in Florida, where the elderly
think it's safe to retire.


A quick note to the Highlands County Sheriffs Office and
the officer who came out:

They had their hands tied and helped as much as they possibly
could. The Female Officer that I spoke to settled me down and put
me to ease and was a great help. Thank you, all of you at the Highlands
County Sheriffs Office.

David MacCaslin
1080 San Miguel
Concord, CA 94518

Deborah MacCaslin
Curently Guarding the house from thieves (please see update)
4225 Seawood Ave
Sebring, Florida 33875
925-914-9312 (cell)

(One of Revelles Neighbors)
Sherry and Jeff Wampler
Seawood Ave
Sebring, Florida 33875

Other info:
Attorney for Revelle Markert
Michael J Trombley Attorney at law for the Ederly
2517 Sunrise Dr
Sebring, FL 33872-2093
(941) 385-5139 Office
(863) 385-1428 Home

Dennis and Kathleen Lukasik

Attorney for Dennis and Kathleen Lukasik
Clifford M. Ables, III
551 South Commerce Ave.
Sebring, Florida 33870
Tel: (941) 385-0112 (Office)
Fax: (941) 385-1284

Home info for Clifford Ables III
Clifford M Ables III & Elaine R Ables
8329 Crewsville Rd
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890-2726
(863) 735-2158 (home)

Eglin AFB Telephone Assistance: (850) 882-1113
Public Affairs/Media Relations: (850) 882-3931
Eglin AFB, Florida 32542-5000