Friday, June 8, 2007

Unconscionable Exploitation of a Very Vulnerable Person,

By STARLA POINTEROf the News-Register - Elder abuse conviction gets woman lengthy prison term .

Saying Mistydawn Viles' crimes represented an "exceptional, unconscionable exploitation of a very vulnerable person," Judge John Collins sentenced the Newberg woman to 78 months in prison for neglecting and siphoning assets from the elderly, disabled man who employed her as a caretaker.

"The victim was very vulnerable," Collins said. "She exploited his trust for her own financial gain and attempted to obtain much more."

Viles will be almost 37 when she is released from prison 6 1/2 years hence.

Her victim, Anthony "Tony" Rinkes, will be past 85 by then. And according to his state-appointed guardian, he will still be bedridden, as a direct result of the poor care provided by Viles.

In addition to giving Viles prison time, Collins doubled the usual probation term for aggravated theft, extending it to 10 years. He also directed she undergo a mental evaluation and ordered her to pay restitution.

The judge stipulated she not be eligible for any alternative incarceration for the first half of her sentence. He further stipulated that she accept no post-release employment that would put her in a position of personal trust or a position of control over anyone's finances.

"These are exceptional aggravated circumstances of exploitation," Collins said. "Elder abuse is just as heinous as child abuse."

"You call yourself a caregiver," Lamson said several times, going on each time to describe actions contradicting the term, such as leaving Rinkes unattended....

"You had a duty as his caregiver to act in his best interest," Lamson said.

In addition, Lamson said, Rinkes now enjoys company, conversation and socialization - things he was denied, as Viles kept him isolated even from his family.

Such a sentence would prove "that elder abuse will not be tolerated, and that consequences are severe," wrote Roberta Rinkes, who is married to the victim's son. "Seniors and their families need to be assured that crimes against the vulnerable will be diligently prosecuted to stem the tide of predatory exploitation of the weak."

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Well Collins is an asswhole=) He was bedridden due to tthe fact that he fell, my mother did do wrong at times, but she didnt deserve this. Thanx Collins, you fucked up my life. Dont you just LOVE yourself? Get ova your power trip dude=D