Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life's Bad Breaks for Clara and Dr. Fernandez

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Once the New POA was in place a choke hold was places on Clara and Dr.'s Fernandez finances , it was vicious, it cut medications ,utilities,mail, on....

Clara's insurance lapsed when a mail stop was placed by person(s) using Clara's identity filed a Mail Stop and the mail was held up for an extended period of time causing essential services to be cancelled.

Clara who here to had A-1 credit . A power of attorney was filed against her account, displacing the legitimate heirs, who were un able to make any payments on her accounts that went into collections.

Note. Because of privacy laws the legitimate heirs were totally cut off, unable to even talk to the phone company about a payment plan, the phone number that Dr.Fernandez and Clara had for 30 years (305) 294-6126 was the first thing to go then their insurance, followed by their credit,
the devastation was total.

Utilities were cut off and an effort to starve Dr. Fernandez out of the his house ensued.

The caregivers insurance coverage who Clara always made sure they had proper health insurance coverage, was one of the first casualties.

Dr. Fernandez held out courageously, with no roof on the house (Hurricane Wilma) in the rain and with utilities,medication flow cut off (See complaint FDA) which alleged that he did not have prescriptions. Dr. Fernandez held out for almost a year from the time his wife was taken, he died due to the stress of the situation on January 9, 2005.

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