Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maureen McCormick appears in video with Brad Paisley

June 26, 2007 — Today is the iTunes world premiere of Brad Paisley's new video for "Online," the second single from his new CD, 5th Gear.

"I think it's great because finally there's a place where you can buy a music video!" Brad tells Dial-Global. "Everybody's always wondered about that. In the beginning of my career — like 1999, 2000 — we would do these videos, and [fans] would say, 'Where can I get that?' And you couldn't get it anywhere."

Brad says he can't wait for fans to see the video, which includes a couple of special guests he's worked with before. "The images are pretty cool in the lyric and the only way to really top it was literally to get some of these really interesting actors."

Blending Paisley's trademark humor and musicianship, the video reunites Brad with friends and guest stars William Shatner and Jason Alexander (who also directed), both of whom appeared in the video for his 2003 hit "Celebrity." Mixing concert footage with special guests (including Maureen McCormick, best known as Marcia Brady; Estelle Harris, Jason's TV mom on "Seinfeld"; and tourmates Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift), the video storyline shows how easy it is to hide your shortcomings and be "so much cooler online."

"This is really cool — it's almost like a sitcom, you know?" Brad says. "We had a ball making this."

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A lot of us were left wondering what happened at the hearing at the end of May where accusations of elder abuse and character assassinations by Maureen's brother Kevin were being made, and Maureen was not allowed to see her father. There are a lot of us that would like to know how this is handled.. In spite of the news blackout if anyone in the L.A area has news regarding this hearing would you please pass it on.

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Dr. Phil has been following the case of Maureen McCormick including her petition for guardianship of her father. The information on his site is titled "The True Life of Marcia Brady." Linked here: