Friday, June 8, 2007

The Abduction ! August 20, 2004

According to Medical Records this stranger was responsible for Moving Clara's medical Records. Also according to my investigation of Clara's financial records he is also responsible for the Liquidation of her Bond Accounts to the tune of $65,000.00

Clara is seen forced to pose with, or maybe she joined a motorcycle club, we are impressed fellows! Do you do this with the other elders too ? Just curious.

Here Clara is seen with the wine flowing freely and being pushed into a situation where she doesn't belong, as her husband Dr. Fernandez is dying a slow death at home not knowing her where abouts and being refused his every effort to see her!

Here We see Clara again, wine flowing, medications on hand at a meeting of the Widows Quitclaim Deed Club.

Here's Clara on the Lam! Shortly after she was abducted, Good Try fellows but we recognize her anywhere. We would still like to know if you can please return her jewelry, Oh. I almost forgot I refused to sign the Mediation agreement, giving you rights you are not entitled to and rewarding you for your errant/bad behavior and legitimising your disgusting 'alledged' criminal behavior.

So you won't return to Clara the Jewelry or the money you stole!

After Clara was taken, she was left alone for long hours at a time leading to a serious fall in a Hotel Room! Your attorney, who is very good at delaying this case so it will not make it to Trial while Clara's alive and the whole legal system that's financially bleeding Clara dry calls it an accident! This was NO accident. It is documented that Clara was loaded with drugs and left alone.

And would anybody mind looking up the definition of Elder Abuse. What was Clara doing in a Hotel Room alone! With her handicapped house and 24/7 excellent health care that she is receiving?

Sure ! You justified the drugs because you say they were prescribed by a Dr. Yes , a Doctor that was not familiar with her health history, and prior history of a proness to falls .... and we know you farmed out the prescriptions, from different Doctors and drugstores.

Several people in my circle of friends believe this doctor(s) should be investigated for giving elders who has been diagnosed as prone to falls, and prohibited this king of drug(Dr. Joseph Scarlett ) dosis of tranquilizers that are excessive for a person her age.

Enjoy your legal immunity that your social worker status has given you while you can .

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time.

Sooner or later Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), ChairmanSenate Special Committee on Aging who is a reader of E.A. or some other influential Elder Abuse Advocate is going to call for a REAL investigation of this horrific case of intentional neglect of an elder person, misappropriation or misuse of funds of an elder person by means of deception and embezzlement by misuse of a fiduciary relationship.

And your diplomatic immunity is going to end once and for all .

Clara was taken from her home on August 20, 2005 and in the following 12 months she would endure being bounced around "Like a puppet on a string." District Judge Von Hoff

Clara would endure 5 address changes, She would be left alone in 3 nursing homes, her care would be farmed out to a 'alleged' homeless person who gave her a 'real and non alledged' Sexually trasmitted Disease (STD), Clara was told her husband was dead, that her caregivers had abandoned her and some much other stuff that will leave some for whenever a serious investigation into this case is finally ordered by someone that cares.

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