Friday, June 15, 2007

Old people here often seen as 'Problematic' and 'Disposable

by RUTH EGLASH of The Jerusalem Post

According to Sharabi, the main problem is society's attitude toward older people, who are very often seen as "problematic" or "disposable," and the only way to improve the situation for those "who built this country" is through increased awareness and education.

"We have a society that is abusive to the elderly population," he said. "I know of many elderly people who cannot leave their homes because it's just too difficult for them. No one takes any notice of their needs and many of them are too old or frail to put up a fight."

"An 80-year-old woman in one of our day clubs has been suffering terribly at the hands of her children," said Sharabi. "Their aim is to kick her out of her home so that they can live there, and they have made her living conditions unbearable in order to force her out."

"Even the most straightforward and genuine of people can suddenly turn abusive when it becomes an issue of money," Sharabi said. "They seem to lose sight of what is right and fail to behave appropriately."

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