Friday, February 18, 2011

$8+ Million Stolen From Bennett Family by Guardianship Mafia Through Fraudulent Guardianship Court Actions in NY and FL. A story that must be told..

$8+ Million Stolen from Bennett Family by Guardianship Mafia
through Fraudulent Guardianship Court Actions in NY and FL.

The fraudulent guardianship case of Daniel J.Bennett concerns systematic public corruption in a massive ongoing interstate racketeering enterprise comprised of a primary and numerous ancillary racketeering enterprises involving violence, extortion, bribery, theft, deprivation of liberty and property under color of law, Medicaid fraud, and other serious federal and state crimes.

Corrupt judges, lawyers, law enforcement,government agency personnel, medical professionals, and others are using the court system as their modus operandi to systematically steal assets belonging to Daniel J. Bennett and members of the Bennett family through fraudulent court actions. The racketeering began in New York, expanded to Florida, and presently involves more than 210 individuals.

The evidence shows that judges operate and manage the primary racketeering enterprise.
They violate their positions of public trust, conspire with other judges, lawyers, government
agency personnel, law enforcement officers,medical professionals, other individuals, and commit fraud upon the court. They preside over hearings and trials, issue rulings, and sign court orders without authority, in the absence of all jurisdiction. They backdate court orders, alter official court records, seal records, remove official court records from files, and keep files in their courthouse chambers instead of returning them to the clerk’s offices. They ignore constitutional protections and statutory mandates, and fail to take action required by law. They deprive liberty and property without due process.

Their criminal acts directly corrupt the impartial functions of the court, harming the integrity of the judicial process.

They use the mails, facsimile machines, telephones, and emails to devise, discuss, and carry out their crimes. They retaliated against Daniel J. Bennett and members of the Bennett family after the Bennett’s exposed the racketeering and demanded accountability.

Since June 2009, the retaliation has escalated to violence and the Bennett’s have been threatened
with additional harm to their person and property if they do not comply with the criminal
directives of judge Stanley H. Griffis, III and others. Law enforcement officers have joined the
primary racketeering enterprise and committed violent crimes against the Bennett family at the
direction of the judges.


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