Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Elder Neglect Cases Largely Self-Inflicted

by Ray Fernandez
I woke up this morning to this News release on the media news wire: News
, this was a mind boggling revelation, here I have been documenting elder abuse for years only to find that we been imaging this all along! and that Elder abuse is self inflicted and mainly caused by close relatives, I do reckon we been going after the wrong people all along we should be going after the close relatives, and the elders themselves....

Perhaps that is why legislation to help elders gets bogged down because our elected representatives know that we are a bunch of malcontents, who cry in our soup when the government in order to protect our elders from ourselves take them away and put them in nursing homes to be taken care of by professionals.

That also explains why our legacy is confiscated to be handled by others/professional guardians who know best how to handle our families legacy...

It's all very clear now, I know why restraining orders are necessary to protect our parents from us it is because we are monsters....

Unfortunately for us and our parents our handlers, government agencies,
will not allocate the resources or have the political will and or intelligence to want to differentiate the good guys from the bad guys, so it's much more expedient to lump us all together, this explains why a criminal has more rights than an elder and or their family in a court proceeding...

We are all guilty! Why should elder victims or their family have any rights? We are all guilty as sin! Oh my what a revelation! This is Huge!

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for the revelation! Shame on us for trying to protect our parents. We should have known that we were the problem all along.

We are menaces to the public safety and should all go, en masse, and turn ourselves in to the authorities. Uhhh, except for you and me, Ray, that is, because we fled the country because IT IS NOT SAFE TO GROW OLD IN AMERICA AND IT IS NOT SAFE TO TRY TO PROTECT THE ELDERS, EITHER.

Janet Phelan