Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letters From Readers - Legislators Don't Seem to Care About Out Elderly

Good morning:

Those of you who normally received notes from me know that my mother was a victim of guardian abuse and elder abuse. For those of you who don't know, I grew up on 156th Avenue SE, Renton. I believe this is in the 41st district.

On January 25 and 27, I visited Olympia to talk to my legislators about proposing legislation that would prevent guardian abuse and help prevent MRSA infections/viral infections in long-term care facilities -- like nursing homes. Mom lived in a nursing home the last 15 months of her life -- and died of a MRSA infection in 2007. There are currently no state laws that prevent MRSA infections in nursing homes.

Below is a note I sent to other groups about how my legislators don't seem to care about guardian abuse or MRSA infections in long-term care facilities. I am planning on driving to Oympia on Thursday to possibly testify before a senate committee about guardian abuse. So far, no bill has been filed by anyone regarding long-term care facilities.

I need your help. Please help spread the word that, at least, the legislators from the 41st district don't seem to care about out elderly. Just think, in a few short years, you could find yourself a guardian who breaks state law and forces you -- against your wishes -- into a care facility against your wishes. How do you protect yourself? There is a state guardian board -- but they don't care about guardians breaking state laws. Right now, our AG's office gets calls day after day about seniors being abused by their guardians. So far, I haven't seen any legislation from the AG's office that will protect our seniors.

If you are concerned, contact our state legislators and ask them to support bring a Court pilot program being currently being looked at in Spokane County to the west side of the state. Also let Sen. Litzow know that you care about how the elderly are treated in nursing homes.

On February 24 there will be a lobby day in Olympia to meet and greet our legislators and ask them to support bills that are of interest to seniors. Let me know if you are interested in attending as I will be driving down and we can do it together.

Please do what you can do to prevent guardian abuse and infectious diseases in long-term care facilities.

Have a good day. Feel free to pass this onto others.

Claudia Donnelly

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