Monday, February 14, 2011

Please Join Us on Blog Talk Radio, Tuesday Nite

Marti Oakley, host of The Truth Squad Radio Show at Blogtalk_Radio.Com ,is inviting you to be a guest on her program and describe your experience in the probate system with guardians, judges, lawyers and/or other authorities. Please use this opportunity to ask the listeners to Marti's program for their help in bringing about the legal reforms needed to remedy and prevent the kind of systemic negligence and abuse which we have experienced.

Janet Phelan joins us to discuss her ongoing work in the fight to end the abuse of the elderly and disabled by professional guardians.

The show is hosted by Marti Oakley. Please contact Marti to schedule your time slot to tell your story. Her email address is

"I will be on the Truth Squad tonight at 7 pm, CT or 8PM Eastern Standard Time. I will be abandoning my usual broad- strokes discussion on guardianships and going into detail concerning the attack on my mother by probate court, Please join us! "Janet Phelan

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to get the a
attention to our cases that we have longed for. I am thrilled that Marti has taken this on and I urge all of you to contact her and get on the air.

Call-in Number: (917) 388-4520

URL: this link will take you right to the show page

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Ray said...

Sure sounds fishy to me, Janet after all how often does this happen? It is pretty obvious that there are some people that will go to any extent to silence you!