Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Approach to Probate Corruption

This is an interesting approach that might help open criminal investigations into abusive probate cases. It was suggested by a grassroots activist in Arizona.

I would recommend that you post on your blog for probate victims to contact their Congressman/woman and request a “Privacy Act Consent Form” be sent to them so that they can request investigations by the FBI and U.S. Attorney in their states.

It is also very important that they prepare an affidavit with the following:

1. Concise factual statement to the point.
2. Concentrate on the most outrageous instances of abuse and how they (judges,attorneys,fiduciaries and guardians) intended the reasonable consequences that ensue, that is, raiding of the estate.
3. Show a common theme that will help establish the conclusion that judges, fiduciaries, attorneys and guardians are participants in a pattern of wrongdoing that satisfies the elements of a corrupt enterprise under the federal or state RICO laws.

My flow charts are what is know as a “sociogram” which the FBI uses to bust criminal syndicates as they just did two weeks ago. I would recommend that the victims make a sociogram of their cases to submit to their Congressman, U.S. Attorney (in their state), FBI and Attorney General. Our PAC Committee for Judicial Accountability, Reform and Justice (CJARJ) will be offering help to our members in preparing their “sociograms.”

EstateofDenial.com has long said that any meaningful change to the racket currently functioning as today’s probate system will only occur in response to challenges on multiple fronts. In other words, you’ve got to come at this from all directions. And here is another direction.

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