Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Prosecutors Wrap Up; Abuse Case Continues This Morning

By Matthew Hill Staff Writer

FAYETTEVILLE — Fayette County prosecutors wrapped up their case Friday with the first-hand account of Fayette County Sheriff’s Chief Detective Sgt. James K. Sizemore’s investigation of a Fayetteville woman accused of elder abuse that led to the death 18 months ago of a woman who lived on her property.

Jewell Parsons, 44, of Crooked Run Road, is on trial for the December 2005 death of Naomi L. King, 68. She faces one count each of intentional neglect of an elder person, misappropriation or misuse of funds of an elder person by means of deception and embezzlement by misuse of a fiduciary relationship.

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Anonymous said...

In some cases... this is a media frenzy that doesn't relate the truth at all. Mrs. Parsons was convicted of crimes that she did not commit. When your entire family and the family of the victim stand up and say that the victim was a recluse who refused treatment, hated doctors and just wanted to be left alone, how can you be held responsible? I read teh transcripts and it appears that Mrs. Parsons had no legal guardianship over Naomi King and couldn't make her do ANYTHING to include see a doctor. I also read statements by Ms. Kings family saying that Ms. King had always been a dirty person, who refused to bathe herself or clean up after herself but that she was happy. It appears to me that a case like this should be labeled as what it is... a sad and tragic end to a sad and tragic life. NOT a crime. I do know that I will never take responsibility for an elderly person whether family or not. The risks are just too high.