Monday, December 31, 2007

ABCs of a Happy 2008

by Irene Masiello author of PARADISE COSTS-the first pro-active, grassroots REALITY WRITING book

Awareness is y/our responsibility
Believe in a Higher Power
Celebrate the moment
Discover something new today
Earth needs our prayers
Free-will ultimately prevails
Gratitude requires expression
Health balances mind, body & Spirit
Inspire others with enthusiasm
Joy is contagious
Kindness always counts
Love is never wasted
Miracles happen all the time
Nature is God’s palette
One day at a time
Peace on earth begins with you
Quiet time is required each day
Respect other people’s rights
Smile and sleep more
Time heals those who work at it
Understanding goes a long way
Virtue is its own reward
Why not?
Xtra-ordinary people think bigger picture
Yesterday’s gone; today matters now
Zero in on a goal & go for it.

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