Thursday, December 6, 2007

Seniors At Risk From Government System Designed To Protect Them

Joan Abney from Glendale, Arizona writes on December 5,2007;

While I applaud any information provided to our elderly population with regard to protecting their personal choices, I have to say from personal experience that our Attorney General has done very little to put teeth into the programs he claims to endorse. Terry Goddard claims to take a stand against elder abuse/exploitation but his office has done nothing to protect or defend those that are being abused and exploited.

It's easy to claim an interest and the reason to do so is clear, given the fact that over the next seven years Arizona is gearing up to welcome the largest retired population in it's history. However, elder abuse/exploitation is more than a political platform and warrants far more than political rhetoric. This growing population has earned and deserves peace of mind without further exploitation from the government system designed to protect them.

Keeping in mind that in the majority of exploitation/abuse cases the abuser is a family member or known to the victim, I offer the following example:

My mother had emergency guardianship/conservatorship documents filed against her in court. She had 72 hours to be served and the opportunity to challenge the action against her. She was not served and was unaware an action had been filed. By the time she became aware, police were sent to collect her, her financial resources were no longer hers and her civil rights had been removed. Her own financial resources were now being used to fund the action against her. For the past year she has continued to fight for her right to remain independent and viable.

Even though Mr. Goddard's office is well aware of this situation he has seen fit to take no action nor offer any comment.

I can't think of any other protected class of citizen in the U.S. that would be expected to pay and fight for the continued right to freedom and liberties. Stealing a life should not be considered the norm by virtue of our age.

Our senior population needs to be aware that there is little by way of protection and unfortunately, as our years advance, so must our vigilance with regard to self preservation. Everywhere we go we hear more horror stories and yet our government agencies, legal authorities and justice system appear ill prepared, unwilling or simply lethargic in their willingness to address what appears to be a growing industry in Arizona ...

Joan Abney

Dear Joan,

"Welcome to the ranks of believers"!

I am sure you are taken aback, just like so many others, that such horrendous crimes can go unnoticed or unpunished, I am sure you can't believe such things, just like a lot of people that are now reading this post, until it happens to them or their love ones, then they become outraged and justifiably so!

We are doing our best here at ElderAbuseHelp.Org to declare that, "Our senior population needs to be aware that there is little by way of protection."

And just so you know Joan, "Elder Financial Abuse" is not a growing industry in just Arizona alone, but it is a thriving industry in the state of Florida and elsewhere!

We at E.A. can't keep up with the letters of victims of Elder Abuse and Elder Financial Abuse, we are flooded with letters on a daily basis, and we are doing our very best to address and direct each and every one.

Stay committed "to the cause," and we will win this battle against Elder Abuse in our own lifetime!

-The Editor of E.A.

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