Monday, December 10, 2007

Help! My Grandmother Is Held Against her Wishes In Isolation While She is Being Fleeced!

David MacCaslin and Deborah MacCaslin Write : Revision 12-6-07 Sebring,Florida USA

Are you aware of the Baker act and how it was put in place to help people who might be mentally ill from causing harm to them selves and or others?

There is another side to the Baker Act. A person can use the Baker Act to have an elderly person placed in the Psych ward of the Florida Hospital for observation, while they steal their home and finances.

I cannot believe there is a law in place that could allow a relative (Daughter) to have an elderly woman placed in a hospital under the Baker Act, so she could get Power of Attorney over her own mother, and then take everything she has.
(Updates) David and Deborah write ; Wow....... they responded.
Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has received your Email expressing your concerns about the possible exploitation of your elderly grandmother as described in your correspondence. Attorney General McCollum asked that we respond. We are saddened to hear of your grandmother's troubles.
This is called a "Sympathy Letter" all victims or their families who complaint about abuse to a loved one get one : or as Joan Abney from Glendale, Arizona writes "Political Rhetoric."
Thank you for your correspondence regarding the concerns and allegations of elder abuse against Dr. A. .J. Fernandez and Clara G. Fernandez. We understand and sympathize with you about the treatment of your parents. Please accept our condolences at the death of your father.
Then there is is the " Wish there Was Something We Could Do Letter "
Dept of Elder Affairs : The events that occurred are tragic. Unfortunately, they do no fall under the Department of Elder Affairs. While the Fernandez's do classify as elders, the services and employees involved all fall under the Department of Children and Families. We wish there was something we can do.
This is called "Passing the Buck Letter " You will probably get some of these also.
We are forwarding your Email to the Florida Department of Children and Families and the appropriate Sheriff's Department for review and whatever actions those authorities may deem appropriate.
And then lastly there is the " Exculpatory Letter" It goes something like this:
I am sorry to learn of the difficulties experienced by your deceased father, Dr. A.J. Fernandez and your mother, Clara G. Fernandez. I assure you that any allegation reported to the Florida Abuse Hotline is thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken. However, if an additional report is received regarding the same allegations, the duplicate report is not re-investigated.

If you have any new concerns regarding abuse, neglect or exploitation of your mother, please report them immediately to the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-962-2873. A determination will be made if an investigation will be initiated. I assure you that the safety and well-being of your mother is one of our highest priorities.
After that there is a very good chance that you will never hear from them again!
unless the perpetrators file a retaliatory complaint against you and your sister for having reported the abuse. Then you will have to be investigated!
Further Updates: 12-5-07 9 AM
David and Deborah Write: There is one thing else I’m kind of upset about. I sent out E-mails to every TV station, Every News Paper And radio station in the Tampa, Miami and Sebring area and I never heard a word back from any of them.

You can also include The Senator, Governor, of Florida And the Mayor and Sheriff. Also heard nothing From them.

You were the only one I heard anything from.
E.A. is probably about the only press coverage you are going to get, until you have a body that is ! then a few media outlets might pick up on the story.
Further updates: 12-5-2007 6 PM
David and Deborah write : We just found out that my grandmother will be released From the hospital today. To see the brand new car parked in her drive way. Geez Kathy and Dennis really do have some serious (#%^%^) gall

It’s 4am here now and my sister just txt me a message.“Well they did it, a brand new Blazer in the drive way Arrrrgh. That pretty much means that they cashed in all of my Grand mothers CD’s.
Yes David, that means they probably did, along with your Grandmother's jewelry,collectibles, anything of value.

The general Rule with Elder Abuse is , once you notice they are starting to "Lose it" whether Alzheimer's, Dementia or just plain old and helpless, they are open game, and the first one to get to them gets the prize, the new car is just a teaser, the "Big Prize" is the House and or Estate or Trust if she has one.
David & Deborah write : My grandmother is home and the "abusers" won't allow anyone to contact her.
David this is standard procedure, "Isolation" they can't afford to have any family speak with your grandmother now , it just might just screw things up. Isolation is a form of Elder abuse is it a form of psychological torture .
David and Deborah write : It turns out that I wasn’t the only one making a exploitation claim about my grandmother against Kathleen and Dennis Lukasik. There was a second claim made a few weeks before mine.
Gee David this is bad news: Robert Butterworth,Robert A. Butterworth Secretary
1317 Winewood Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida in a letter addressed to me dated August 22,2007 says:

"I assure you that any allegation reported to the Florida Abuse Hotline is thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken. However, if an additional report is received regarding the same allegations, the duplicate report is not re-investigated."
In other words David there was nothing done about the claim filed prior to yours, why should they do anything now? If there was nothing done about the prior claims then then the likelyhood of them taking action on subsequent complaints go down significantly.
Thank You David and Deborah For Keeping us posted and most of all thanks for allowing us to use your real names and contact information, because this stuff is so un real that people often think that we exagerate and make these things up. Most people are "Un believers" that is they don't believe this is something that could happen in "their" family until it does and then it's usually too late.
David MacCaslin
1080 San MiguelConcord, CA 94518

Deborah MacCaslin
Sebring, Florida 33875
925-914-9312 (cell)

Fact : I had myself removed from Revelle’s Will over ten years ago. This issue is not about money.

Fact : Revelle is of sound mind and fragile body.

Fact : The Baker Act. Is the tool used to steal a life time of property and finances from Revelle Rose Markert.


Anonymous said...

David's and Deborah Grandmother has expressed that she is held agsint her will (kidnapping) since when is kidnapping legal. When you do it to a person over 80, do it for money, and give the government, courts, attorneys their cut in the elder's estate. How sick a society have we become.What are citizens to do when they can no longer depend on the government for protection of their loved ones,

Anonymous said...

Update : December 03, 2007. Deborah MacCaslin and I (David MacCaslin) have made a Report through the

Florida Abuse Registry. The claim states the Physical

Abuse and Financial Exploitation of Revelle Markert By Kathleen, and Dennis Lukasik

Update : December 3rd, 2007. We found out a second report was made

with The Florida Abuse Registry that also made claims of Exploitation of the

Elderly by Kathleen and Dennis Lukasik.

Update : December 4th, 2007. Revelle’s Safe Deposit box has been emptied

and claimed by Dennis and Kathleen Lukasik. At last account, there were

4 CD’s of unknown amounts.

Update : December 5th, 2007. A new 2007 Chevy Blazer is now parked

in the drive way of Revelle's home with Alabama Plates on it. The Alabama plates are

the plates from the older Saturn that Kathleen and Dennis used as a trade in. Dennis

and Kathleen’s main state of residence has been Alabama in the past.

Update : December 5th, 2007. All of Revelle's assets have been frozen until the 18th

which is the date for the Incompetence hearing and Power of Attorney.

Update : December 5th, 2007. Revelle will be heading home today. Next update will

include what exactly Revelle has to go home to. Money is all gone except

for the remaining that Kathleen and Dennis will use for their attorney's.

Update : December 5th, 2007. The Police were called out to Revelle’s residence due to telling

a neighbor that she didn’t want Kathleen or Dennis Lukasik in her home.

The police didn’t talk to Revelle without Kathleen or Dennis around so Revelle

said everything was fine.

Anonymous said...

Contact Info:(Revelle’s Neighbors)
Sherry and Jeff Wampler
Seawood Ave
Sebring, Florida 33875

Other info:
Attorney for Revelle Markert
Michael J Trombley Attorney at law for the Elderly
2517 Sunrise Dr
Sebring, FL 33872-2093
(941) 385-5139 Office
(863) 385-1428 Home

Dennis and Kathleen Lukasik
Attorney for Dennis and Kathleen Lukasik
Clifford M. Ables, III
551 South Commerce Ave.
Sebring, Florida 33870
Tel: (941) 385-0112 (Office)
Fax: (941) 385-1284
Clifford M Ables III & Elaine R Ables
8329 Crewsville Rd
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890-2726
(863) 735-2158 (home)

Eglin AFB Telephone Assistance: (850) 882-1113
Public Affairs/Media Relations: (850) 882-3931
Address:Eglin AFB, Florida 32542-500

Ray said...

Good Luck during December 5th, 2007
which is the date for the Incompetence hearing and Power of Attorney.

This is really a toxic situation for your grandmother to be forced into and a delicate matter, to put an elder person through all this stress is in itself bad.

It is our obligation to inform the public, and until the authorities take a firm hand in protecting our elders we will just keep running these stories back to back, as they happen.

Anonymous said...

December 07, 2007. Elder Abuse Advocacy has finally made a visit to speak with Revelle. Revellle was finally able

to speak out without Dennis or Kathleen around. I can't go into too much detail on what she reported, but I can say "Thank you S. for following through".

Anonymous said...

Court Case Info:
File Action: GSPL - Plenary Guardianship
Case Status: ACTIVE
Location: Probate Division
Case Num: 07000048GSS
State Case Num: 282007GA000048A000XX
SAO Case Num:
Date: 12/18/07

Look up Markert under last name and make sure to uncheck "Search Criminal?".

Anonymous said...

the other incidious thing about the Baker Act and elder abuse investigations in general: both are highly confidential proceedings and authorities will not even be able to even confirm whether an individual in the subject of a Baker Act or an elder abuse investigations at all - even if your abused elderly loved one is sitting right next to them at the psych ward or hospital.

confidentiality is the abuser's best friend. we need to lobby our legislators to get this changed........

Anonymous said...

We found out though some internet travel. That Kathleen and Dennis lied about the new vehicle they have. They said thay bought
it a few years ago.

Except that the ad for the vehicles VIN was still on the net. I called the Auto sales office in Alabama that sold the car and found out Kathleen and Dennis bought the vehicle with Revelles Credit.

Anonymous said...

this is the kind of economic exploitation that DCF (the department of children and families/elder abuse division) is suppose to investigate. In Florida, the phone number 1-800-96-ABUSE.

If it is deemd an emergency, they will respond within 3-24 hours, else within 72 hours.

good luck......

there are also criminal ramifications to this kind of economic exploitation. there is a special division within the state attorney's office that handles elder and economic crime